Experience Long Shadow in a whole new light

Long Shadow FX for Premiere Pro introduces long shadows with color or gradient options.
Transform your texts, logos, and illustrations with long shadows that can be tailored to your creative vision, adding appeal of texts, logos, and illustrations.

What distinguishes Long Shadow FX is its automatic Edge Color Sampling, which ensures your shadows harmonize seamlessly with the original colors of your elements. The elegant alpha fall-off feature smoothly blends the shadow into the background, enhancing the overall composition.

Furthermore, our innovative “extrude” feature allows your original graphic to offset automatically along the shadow’s length, creating the illusion of depth. The highlight functionality accentuates this 3D effect, brightening sharp corners and elevating the overall aesthetic.

Long Shadow FX goes beyond conventional shadow effects, offering unique features you won’t find anywhere else.


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Included in
The Big Bang subscription Visions subscription Essentials subscription
Adobe Premiere Pro 2023, 2022, and 2021
Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017, 2018, and 2019
Compatible with: Windows Mac
Compatible with Windows, macOS 10.12 and higher, including Apple Silicon M1
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Nvidia CUDA GPU Accelerated
Apple metal logo
Apple Metal GPU Accelerated
OpenCL logo
OpenCL GPU Accelerated

Bring Depth to Your Visuals

Long Shadows can be utilized in various contexts. Here are some ideas you can use as inspiration:

  • Highlight texts that demand attention: When you want your text to pop and take center stage, add a long shadow to create an eye-catching effect. Your words will demand attention and linger in the viewer's memory.
  • Illustrations with 3D impact: Elevate your illustrations by casting long shadows that give them a 3D-like appearance. These shadows create depth and make your designs stand out.
  • Transform your audience: Long Shadow FX lets you play with the angle and direction of your shadows. Rotate them to introduce dynamic motion and energy into your visuals.
  • Shrinking into focus: For that extra 'wow' factor, make your shadows shrink as they get closer to the background. It's a unique effect that keeps your audience engaged.

With all these capabilities, is there a project coming to mind already?

Experience the Magic of Long Shadow FX

Don't miss the chance to elevate your creations with Long Shadow FX. With a 30-day free trial, you can explore its full potential and see how it can bring your video production to new heights.

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SmartVideo Editing™ Technology

Our SmartVideo Editing™ Technology is unique in the industry: Is a Precision Metrics Based Revolutionary Pivot Away from the old ways software works.  Using these features will save you both time and money, whilst providing powerful effects with just a click of a button.

Surprise-Me feature
Explore all the different possibilities of the transition with just a single mouse click!

Duo Coloring
For those that rather have a smooth gradient instead of a single solid color.

Blend Edge Colors
This effect allows you to fully or partly blend edge colors into the shadow.

Our unique highlighting feature gives any logo that extra spark

Make it pop!
The extrude source option allows you to extrude your logo instead of keeping it static.


What to expect

Get the most out of your Video Effect

Instead of overwhelming our users with countless of single purpose video effects, we’ve designed our video effects to be very scalable and versatile. This allows you to get almost endless variations out of a single video effect.

Intuitive Interface Design

We have taken great care in designing an effective but easy-to-use interface for all our products with a unified and intuitive User Interface Design. This allows us to have a great amount of customization possible within our video transitions, without overwhelming the user with complex interfaces.

Integrated Plugin Management

Unlike other products on the market, we have designed our plug-in management system to be sleek and non-intrusive. This allows us to have fully synchronised settings and licensing across all our products without the need to open any external application.

To 4K, 8K and 16K Resolutions and Beyond!

Our video transitions support any standard resolution from the smallest to the latest industry standards, custom resolutions and Full High DPI Monitor / Retina Display support.

Full HDR Rendering

We maintain Full-HDR 32-bit float support within all our calculations, blending and blurring algorithms to achieve and maintain the absolute best image quality possible.

Real-Time Performance

We’ve got a team of mad scientists with over 25-years of experience in the graphics industry that spent quite a lot of time optimizing our algorithms for maximum performance using GPU acceleration, optimizing every bit of data while still maintaining the very best in image quality. This allows for some of our video transitions to approximate real-time performance levels on Full-HD and even 4K resolutions.

Full GPU Acceleration Support

We support all the latest GPU acceleration technology for maximum performance, with Full Support for all Graphics Card Vendors, such as AMD, NVIDIA and Others. As well as dedicated support for all major Graphics API's, such as Metal, CUDA, OpenCL and OpenGL.

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