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Premiere Pro CC Adobe Premiere Pro 2020-2024
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Mac & Windows Compatible with Windows, macOS 10.11 and higher, including Apple Silicon M1-M3
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219K+ active users 4.8M views on vimeo Thousands of monthly downloads

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Shape Flow: The Game-Changing Video Transition You Need to Know About

The Shape Flow tool is a game-changer that allows you to effortlessly create stunning animations by following the path of any shape in your video. Whether you want to reveal a hand-drawn illustration, grow a tree, or add colored trails to your images, Shape Flow can help you achieve jaw-dropping results with just a click!

What's more, you don't require any specialized skills or knowledge of complex animation software to use it. With Shape Flow, you can remain within Premiere Pro and create impressive reveals with ease, without switching between Premiere Pro and After Effects.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what the Shape Flow tool can do!




Reaching nearly 87.25% of the countries around the globe.

Film Impact's Premium Software have become essential tools for Professional Video editors, TV-broadcast stations, and major production houses who all trust the Film Impact Brand.

219K+ active users 4.8M views on vimeo Thousands of monthly downloads

We released our first premium video transition in 2010, known around the world as the Impact Push. Since then, it has become a go-to staple video transition for savvy editors, even to this day.

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I've used your products since 2014, in everything from Billboard music videos, to TV shows.

100% support your team and what you are doing.

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"The Film Impact video transitions are a great value! They are elegant - smooth - fast - high quality.

Everything is there for my productions. Just what I need.

I own a lot of video transitions from other companies, but I always come back to the Video Transitions from Film Impact. Superb!"

Christiaan Vink

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Film Impact Premium Video Editing Tools are guaranteed to help you to save time on your video edits —
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Jaap Boerhof, Senior Developer and Founder of Film Impact’s Premium Video Editing Transitions for Premiere Pro

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