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Premiere Pro CC Adobe Premiere Pro 2023-2017
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Mac & Windows Compatible with Windows, macOS 10.12 and higher, including Apple Silicon M1
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Version 4.8 brings three new essential video transitions

Clock Wipe Impacts

Now that is a classic video transition that makes the viewer aware that time has passed.
And we’ve added all the options you need.
Positioning controls to set the origin of the effect.
Feathering options can make it gentle and soft.
The repeat options will turn this transition into a star-wipe!

Linear Wipe Impacts

Linear Wipe Impacts is an actual video transition with options for feathering and edge softness. Dial any angle without pixelation. Then play with the mirror and repeat options.
Apply it to your texts, logos, photos, and, yes… video clips too!

Frame Impacts

Another classic reveal is a way to zoom in on a map. As if the next scene was shot right there. Choose any origin point from where the effect will start. Optionally add a border around that, and you’ve got Frame Impacts. This transition will add a stylized look to your edits. Play with the roundness, colors, and glow to give it that personal touch.



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219K+ active users 4.8M views on vimeo Thousands of monthly downloads

We released our first premium video transition in 2010, known around the world as the Impact Push. Since then, it has become a go-to staple video transition for savvy editors, even to this day.

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Christiaan Vink

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