1500+ Royalty Free Sound Effects for Video Editors

Get the ultimate set of Royalty Free Sound Effects for video editors — 
Professionally mastered by our friends at Boom Library

SoundFX Specifications

  • 1645 High-resolution Royalty Free Audio Files 
  • Fully mastered at 96kHz / 24-bit
  • Total playtime: 02h 2m 55s
  • Size on disk: 4.32 Gb
  • One-Off (no subscription)​

Download the datasheet (PDF)

Crush your edits —
Add HQ SoundFX for just $179 $39 

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Why You Need To Have SoundFX In Your Toolkit

Sound Effects are perhaps one of the most neglected effects among new video producers, yet they are one of the most essential parts of a well-made, engaging, and entertaining video. 


Think about it. Sound effects set the atmosphere and tone of the video. They play a major role in drawing the attention of the viewer into the scene. 


When watching a race scene, for example, the screeching tires and the mighty roar of the engine are what make your heart skip a beat and your adrenaline flow. 

To make it even more realistic, you can perfectly hear the shifting of the gears, and the whooshing sound the car makes when passing near other cars. You can literally feel the tension in the air.


All of this is thanks to the amazing high-quality sound effects professional filmmakers add to their Premiere Pro productions.


In other words, if you’re not already using professional Premiere Pro sound effects in your videos, you are missing out!


So, this begs the question…

How To Add Sound Effects In Premiere Pro?

When it comes to adding sound effects to your videos, there are a couple of options. 

You can either find free sound effects for Premiere Pro on the web, which will most likely be generic and with bad sound quality, or you can Download Our Professional SoundFX Pack With 1500+ High-Resolution Audio Files.

Now you might ask yourself - why would I download a paid pack of effects instead of just finding some free sound effects for Premiere Pro by myself?

And that’s an excellent question!

Let me put it this way - would you drive an old, rusty car, that misses a couple of parts, is making all kinds of strange noises, and has the potential to leave you stranded on the road at any given moment - even if you get it for free? 

Yeah, I wouldn’t, for sure!

And the same goes for sound effects. Real, high-quality, has a price and as of right now, just for a limited time, we have a 75% introduction discount for our 1500+ SoundFX Pack. 

Just think of all of the possibilities this powerful toolkit is presenting. It doesn’t matter if you are producing a fast-paced, action-driven scene or a slow, melancholic one, we have the right sound effect for you.

Sound Effects Bring A Sense Of Realism Into Your Videos

All videos have the same purpose - to tell a story, convey a message, and induce powerful emotions in the viewer. 

Because let’s face it, the biggest challenge in creating a powerful video is to make the audience “buy-in” to something that isn’t real. After all, the things happening in the movies aren’t real. Still, people react as if they are, how does this happen?

Good camera footage, video editing, and sound design add up to paint a picture in the viewer’s mind, making him experience something that isn’t really happening. But see, sound design is key for the viewer’s experience.

For example, swords don’t make a shing noise when they leave their scabbard, and gunfire mostly sounds like a popping noise than an explosive bang. But still, we recognize those sounds in every good movie or TV show we see.

That being said, having well-timed, high-quality sound effects will exponentially make your video productions more engaging and enticing.

Download Our “Have It All” SoundFX Pack For Video Editors

With 1645 high-quality sound effects you can be certain that you’ll have the right effect for any situation! Buzzs, beeps, cars, signals, warnings, computer sounds, camera shutters, clocks, flashes, natural sounds, cosmic sounds… You name it, we have it!

Don’t ever spend precious time and energy scouring the net for good sound effects when you can have them All In One Place. It’s like Pandora’s Box for the expert video editor!

Our 1500+ soundFX pack is professionally mastered by our friends at Boom Library at 96kHz / 24-bit to bring you the best possible sound quality you can get.

The ultimate collection of sound effect by Boom Library

And the best part? It’s a one-time purchase, no subscription required! This means that for only $39 you will have 1500+ professional sound effects FOR LIFE!

But hurry! The Introduction Offer is only valid for a limited time, soon the price will go back up to $179 for the same package.

Get 1500+ Sound Effects For Adobe Premiere Pro Now!


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