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Posted on 01-11-2019 Back to blog overview
And why we are a subscription service…

To provide you with outstanding Premium Quality Software, we’ve had to make an important decision; one that makes sure our software is working today and tomorrow.

We want to secure our promise to deliver maximum quality software to you.

Here is why this is important to you...

Our Ever-Growing Library of Smart Tools, Video Transitions and Effects

As we move forward, the Film Impact team of highly skilled professionals will keep working hard to add new content on a regular basis, such as:

  • Brand New Video Transitions
  • New Features for Existing Video Transitions
  • Smart Tools that will help you save lots of production time and costs
  • Performance Updates using the Latest GPU Acceleration Techniques
  • New Effects and much more...

And best of all, you will be able to access these new add-ons immediately when they’re released!

Check out our ever-growing library of Smart Tools and Video Transition here.


Increase Production Value

Have you tried to create some of the smooth creative bouncy curves that our software can deliver using After Effects or regular keyframes? That’s time-consuming, right?

Let our software do the heavy lifting!
You just drag, drop and presto...
Time saved… Every time!

Film Impact serves a clever way to add production value to each of your video editing projects.

We've designed our video transitions to help you save you time and money each and every time you apply it. Our breath-taking render engine is fast and delivers stunning video transitions. We are seeing up to 10x speed improvements compared to other products out there on the market, while maintaining the best rendering quality available.

Compatibility Updates and Requirements

Building Premium Quality Software takes continuous efforts in keeping things compatible with the latest Updates and Requirements.

We are constantly checking if our plugins work well with current and upcoming versions of our Host Adobe Premiere Pro, Operating Systems Updates and Requirements.


Reliability and Continuous Updates

Our software is continuously evolving as we keep adding features and further improve the entire line-up of Premium Video Editing Tools. Now we will no need to charge you for updates — big or small.

Having up-to-date software comes automatically with your subscription.


Free Support

As we strive for excellence, we think Free Support should come along with it.
We want to take great care for our customers —
Listen to your feedback and learn about your needs and desires…
Then use this knowledge as a foundation for next software updates.​


Try our Video Editing Tools for Free!

Step right in and use our premium tools and video plugins unrestricted and free of charge for a limited amount of time.

Start using V4 Peregrine today!

Enjoy and Happy Editing.

Jaap H. Boerhof

Senior developer and founder of Film Impact Premium Video Transitions for Premiere Pro

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