Shape Flow: Game-Changing Video Transition You Need to Know About

Posted on 04-04-2023 Back to blog overview

Exciting news! The long-awaited 4.9 update from Film Impact is finally here, featuring the revolutionary new Shape Flow tool that will revolutionize your video productions.

The Shape Flow tool is a game-changer that allows you to effortlessly create stunning animations by following the path of any shape in your video. Whether you want to reveal a hand-drawn illustration, grow a tree, or add colored trails to your images, Shape Flow can help you achieve jaw-dropping results with just a click!

What's more, you don't require any specialized skills or knowledge of complex animation software to use it. With Shape Flow, you can remain within Premiere Pro and create impressive reveals with ease, without switching between Premiere Pro and After Effects.

The 4.9 update also added three new plugin improvements to the Film Impact arsenal:

  • Push Impacts: New Lock Feature
  • Slice Impacts: New Slide Distance Feature
  • Louvre Impacts: Improved Panel Dolly behavior

We’ll focus more on those two later. Now let’s explore the amazing powers of the Shape Flow tool!

A Smooth Reveal Animation is Now Just a Click Away

Check out our revolutionary tool

So, what exactly is Shape Flow? At its core, it's a video transition that tracks the shape of an object, allowing you to create seamless and dynamic reveals that will keep your audience engaged. 

Imagine running colored water through transparent pipes. This creates a mesmerizing revealing effect that is sure to leave your audience in an awe.

- “But doesn’t this take too much time and effort to accomplish?” - No, not at all! We know that achieving the same effect in After Effects is a hefty task, but here all you need is to apply the effect to the transparent PNG layer and the magic happens in front of your eyes!

Here, let me show you. 

With just a quick drag and drop action, I achieved a stunning reveal effect that was ready to use right away. Pretty amazing, huh? And that's just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what the Shape Flow tool can do!

To access the new Shape Flow tool, please ensure that you have the latest version of Film Impact installed. 

Additionally, please note that this feature is only available with The Big Bang plan.

Now, let me show you some examples of how you can use the smart Shape Flow tool to create a true masterpiece!

Growing Trees

Growing Trees is one of the most impressive examples of the power of the Shape Flow tool. It lets you create a stunning effect that simulates the growth of a tree, from its roots to its branches and leaves

By adjusting the start point and a few other settings like Edge Delay, Luma Detail, Object Delay, and Object Variation, you can make the tree grow in a way that looks natural and captivating. Whether you're working on a nature documentary or a creative video project, using the Shape Flow tool to create a growing tree effect can add an extra layer of depth and meaning to your visuals. 

Hand-Drawn Images

With Shape Flow, you can transform a boring static hand-drawn image into a dynamic animation in a matter of seconds. The tool provides a seamless way to add life and movement to your artwork, making it perfect for use in presentations, video intros, or social media posts.

By adjusting the start point, you can easily choose the point at which the drawing will begin to animate, allowing you to add an element of surprise or suspense to your video. The Edge Delay and Luma Detail settings allow you to control how the ink lines appear and disappear, giving you full creative control over the animation.

What's more, the Object Delay and Object Variation settings let you add unique flourishes and movement to your animation. You can make your lines appear in a sequence, creating a ripple effect, or add variation to the timing of the animation for a more organic and hand-drawn feel.

Colored Trails

Spark your videos with vibrant colors! One of the most impressive capabilities of Shape Flow is the option to add colorful trails to your transitions. The "tri-tone" feature in Shape Flow allows you to customize the colors to your liking, giving you complete creative control. You can select from a wide range of hues and create a reveal that truly represents your brand or message.

But it doesn't stop there - you can also adjust the length and feather amount of the trails to create a unique effect. Whether you want a quick burst of color or a longer-lasting trail, Shape Flow gives you the ability to make your vision a reality!

Three New Features to Make You a Master Video Editor

Yes! The Shape Flow tool really is something special that will empower your creativity like never before! However, we also have two other special plugin improvements that will make you a true master of video editing. 

Push Impacts: New Lock Feature

Picture this: you're putting together a slideshow of your latest adventure, and you want to add some extra charm to the transitions between your photos. That's where Push Impacts comes in, and boy, does it have a cool new feature!

With the latest update, you can now lock either the incoming or outgoing frame, creating a jaw-dropping slide effect where one frame glides effortlessly over the other. It's like your photos are dancing with each other, smoothly transitioning from one moment to the next.

No more boring, basic transitions here. Push Impacts' new lock feature lets you add some serious flair to your slideshow, making your memories come to life in a way that's both captivating and mesmerizing. So go ahead, give it a try and see how it transforms your photos into a visual masterpiece!

Slice Impacts: New Slide Distance Feature

And now picture this: you're presenting your latest project to your team, and suddenly you hit a slide that just blows everyone away. What happened? You just used the Slice Impacts tool with the added Slide Distance feature!

This new feature gives your slides a touch of magic by adding a subtle, yet eye-catching roll effect to each slice. It's like your content is moving and dancing right in front of your audience's eyes!

And here's the best part: this new Slide Distance feature is not only versatile, but it works amazingly well with both logos and photos! So whether you're showcasing your latest product design or presenting your team's achievements, your audience will be captivated by the seamless movement of your slides.

Louver Impacts: Improved Panel Dolly Behavior

Each Louver panel now has its own Dolly Zoom, resulting in a more dynamic presentation. The Delay and Variation sliders can be used to tweak Panel Dolly Behavior to your liking.

In Conclusion

With the revolutionary Shape Flow Tool and the two new features for Push Impacts and Slice Impacts, the new 4.9 update is here to change the way you create reveal animation in Premiere Pro! As you saw for yourself, the Shape Flow is a powerful tool that can transform your videos into captivating and visually stunning works of art.

With a wide range of features and customization options, Shape Flow allows you to create unique transitions, dynamic reveals, and eye-catching effects that will capture the attention of your viewers.

So why not give Shape Flow a try and see what amazing creations you can come up with? With its user-friendly interface and endless possibilities, the only limit is your imagination.

If you still haven’t, update your copy of Film Impact to version 4.9 and subscribe to The Big Bang plan to gain access to the powerful Shape Flow Tool.

Truly yours,

Jaap H Boerhof

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