The Essentials Collection

Posted on 04-11-2019 Back to blog overview

Need a Superior Collection of Essential Video Transitions?

If your answer is Yes —
Look no further. The Film Impact Essentials Collection is here.

The Essentials Collection contains twelve premium video transitions, designed with loving and thoughtful precision. Each video transition, found in the Film Impact Essential Collection, has been thoughtfully selected, tuned calibrated like a fine Swiss watch. We've designed it to work for you in ways that express your unique style of video editing.

Our video transitions are fully customizable, allowing you the video editor to decide what look is best for you, the video cut, and the project overall. Need inspiration for a particular cut? Hit the 'Surprise Me' Button.

We just love effects that take full advantage of the latest cutting edge GPU Acceleration Technology!

Here is a video about What's new in V4 Peregrine — Demonstrating Blur Dissolve and Push Impacts. 
Blur Dissolve and Push Impacts are part of the blazing-fast Essentials Collection.

Every single video transition in this pack renders lightning fast. Built for all major Graphics Cards Manufacturers, we support CUDA, OpenCL and Apple Metal. This will help you immensely to get your job done better and faster. It's a breeze to work with

Besides Extreme Render Speeds, What Else is New?

Luma Fade - A Completely New Transition
Burn Chroma Impacts - Now with Chromatic aberration and Dissolve Timing controls
Flash Impacts - Improved using High-Quality Chromatic Aberration
Push Impacts - Our staple video transition becomes even versatile with added Curve Controls
Chaos Impacts - Major quality boost using Blurring
Copy Machine Impacts - Now with added Curve Controls and Full Rotation Controls
​Roll Impacts - Now also includes Curve Controls

Blur To Color - Improved using High-Quality Chromatic Aberration
Burn Alpha Impacts - Now with Dissolve Timing controls
Blur Dissolve Impacts - Improved using High-Quality Chromatic Aberration
Stretch Impacts - With added Curve Controls using Brand New Curve Functions

Dissolve Impacts - Now with newly added flavors: Highlight and Lowlight Dissolve

They are dependable and effective video transitions, appropriate for any video editing project you may have – Commercial - Business - Education - Travel - TV… You name it…  With Film Impact’s SmartVideo Editing™ Technology we make process of editing simpler for you.

Premium Solutions by a Trusted Brand

For the savvy video editor, it is clear, the one size fits all model offered in the marketplace leaves a lot of room for growth… and a lot to be desired. 

As trusted Adobe Technology Partners, our video editing software has been created
to deliver the control, look and feel of each video transition you add to your productions.

Designed by senior developers and video editors, for the professional video editor.
With the purpose of delivering a hassle-free experience right out of the box.

Add Subtle, Soft or Bold Touches... 
Make Your Edit All Your Own.

We believe that you will find our exclusive and proprietary software refreshingly, quick and easy to use. Each fully editable video transition will allow you to unleash a side of your creativity, to claim the power of Adobe Premiere Pro…

This unique collection of essential video transitions strives to deliver more of the creative decision over to you, allowing you the video editor to decide, down to the finest details, what look is best for you, the cut, and the project overall…

Now get ready to gain creative control of the look and feel.
Experience the ease of use.
Sparkle your imagination.

Explore the Essentials Collection now!

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