March 25th, 2020
Arnhem — The Netherlands

COVID-19 is rapidly changing our way of life and work.

At Film Impact, we care deeply about the health and well-being of our families, employees, customers, and community — that is why:

  • The entire Film Impact team is working from our homes since March 12th.
    Because we strongly believe in the #StayHomeSaveLives credo.
    Let us try to #FlattenTheCurve together!

Even from our homes — we are committed to:

  • Ensure continuity of service
  • Deliver continued support and care

More flexible licensing for working at home.

Like us, a lot of you will be working from home during these unprecedented times.
For this reason, we’ve decided to make our licensing policy more flexible.

We will grant every V4 license:

— One Extra Device Installation —


  • We’ve increased the allowed device count per license from 2 to 3 devices
  • All current licenses have been patched to represent the upgraded device count
  • All new licenses (UPDATE: till Jan 1st, 2021) will have the upgraded device count applied by default
  • The extra device count remains permanent — even after Jan 1st, 2021

Hoping this helps you to work more flexible from wherever you want
(at home, work or on the road...)

While our efforts to further develop and strengthen our software continues —
our thoughts are with those who are affected by COVID-19.

Stay safe and healthy —
And take care of each other.

Jaap H. Boerhof

Senior developer and founder of Film Impact Premium Video Transitions

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