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Combine Video Transitions in Premiere Pro

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Published on: 04-12-2020
Written by: Jaap H. Boerhof

Creative Effects in Premiere Pro

Everyone, and welcome to another Film Impact video tutorial. I'm Jaap Boerhof, I'm the founder and senior developer of Film Impact Premium Tools. I'm here to show you an advanced technique. It's called: Stacking Your Video Transitions. And it's a technique to combine, and mix & match video transition and create a unique style.

Multiple video transitions

I'm going to show you how to apply multiple video transitions to a single cut. Here are two pieces of video footage. And what I'm doing is... Let me close the Lumetri scopes there for a while. Okay, why not do a beautiful light transition. Start with that. Light leaks, love those. Just drag and drop and... Oh, yeah, that's good. Give it some more room to breathe there. 'Surprise-Me' Is always good to start with. Oh, I like that one. OK, cool. There you go. Oh yeah, beautiful. This very easy. The dissolve-time needs a little bit more time there. So there you go. OK, so this is good, right? I'm going to mix and match and just add another Light-Leak to it.

The secret: Adjustment Layers

I'm going to drag in an adjustment layer. You know, an Adjustment Layer is basically a representation of everything that is below. So it just squeezes down the layers below. When you apply an effect to this adjustment layer, it will apply this effect to everything below as though you've merged all those letters together. And the cool thing is you can actually add video transitions to it. So I'm going to make a cut there. And again, drag and drop the Light leaks effect. And again, I'm just pushing the surprised-me-button. That's very, very elegant. Just a very cool flash. I'm going to change the Hue. Let's change the intensity. And do a rotation there. Yeah. So, we have that the light coming from a natural direction from the sun up there. That's creating a prelude to the actual video transition.

Stacking video transitions

You can actually stack multiple video transitions using Adjustment Layers. I'm using the light leaks effect now, because I'm a big fan of light leaks. I think you all should be... Well, don't mind about that. I like that I'm going to change it to the natural direction, just to the upper left. Modify the rotation. Oh, yeah, that's looking good! Let's lower the flash amount, create a little less flash there, but that's cool, right? Now we've kind of created that beautiful way of a video transition. You can go all the way. You can add more. Here's the actual transition. So I'm going to make another cut. Why not do something bold. Why not do a Radial Blur? Oh, yeah. Love the radial blur there. Oh, this is good. Look at that. Look at that! That is so awesome, right?

Let's add another video transition

So I'm going to click the transition, head over to the effects control tab. And this is a beautiful feature by the way: Slices. Let's crank it up to say five slices. I got five slices there. Oh, I like that. That's a very modern kind of look, right? OK, and now you see how that ends. It's ending on this face. This is good. I can change the rotation center and add the other woman there too. Just crank up the values. And now we're pulling the focus. We're giving focus because these girls will now get introduced first. And that is very effective. To pull the focus and there you've got a beautifully layered transition there. It's all playful and we've done that within mere minutes. More like seconds.

Real-time effects

As you can see, the timeline is still yellow. We've built so many GPU accelerated effects. These are real-time effects, even stacked on multiple video tracks. So I hope you like this video tutorial and see you next time bye.

Product compatibility

Adobe Premiere Pro 2020-2024
Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017, 2018, and 2019

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