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Create Dynamic Animations in Premiere Pro Part 1

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Published on: 04-12-2020
Written by: Jaap H. Boerhof

Animations in Premiere Pro

Hi, everyone, and welcome to another Film Impact Video. I'm Jaap Boerhof, I'm the founder and senior developer of Film Impact Premium Tools, here to show you the Animation Series.

Start with two graphic elements

Now, I have two guys sitting here on a beautiful purple background. And I'm going to open up the browser. Now let's see how these animations will work on these objects. Just let me turn them on and off, so you can see the separate elements, right? So now I have the Flip Motion Impacts and there you go. When I apply it. This is the default behavior. Let's give it a little bit more room to breathe. There you go.

Smooth Animation Curve

It's doing a beautiful animation curve and the curve is visible here. This is the bounce curve. It will just bounce. We have different types here. Do an overshoot would look like that. There you go. So it will just overshoot, right? Very dynamic and very adjustable by the way. Just crank up the frequency here and play with that. Increase the amplitude and decay. Yeah... there you go... You can create beautiful animations.

Edit Faster: Avoid a round-trip to After Effects

And you don't need to go to After Effects for that. I mean, we have done the heavy lifting for you. These are not scripting languages. You don't need anything. You just look at the curve, see if you're happy with that, play with it.

Real-time performance!

It performs in real-time. It does a pretty good job there. And you can just copy and paste it to the guy on the left. And there you see you've got a beautiful animation there. I've just copied and pasted. But what if you just change the transition length here. And now, oh, yeah, that feels kind of dynamic, right? I mean, you can create more difference there. You give it that good nudge there. And we might have overdone the frequency amount. Just change it to four. I think that will be more elegant for this particular animation. But, you know, the thing is, creating this animation entirely within Premiere Pro is awesome!

3D Motion Blur

Another cool thing that you can see here is that we have some beautiful motion blur. Motion blur is kind of similar to when you see a fast car driving by. It goes by fast and you see nothing but a blur. That emphasizes the speed. It emphasizes the movement. So it's very cool to add that. And if you look at the quality and I'm going to turn on high-quality playback for you so you can see that. Just increase the size here and look at that. There are no motion blur steps visible here. And that is because our motion blur engine uses up to 128 motion blur steps and, you know, try rendering that in After Effects. That will take forever!

Multi-Angle Tool

And this is a multi-angle tool. See how that motion blur just follows the movement in 3D. I mean, this is a 3D motion blur engine and it all performs in real-time and so cool! There you go. So again, this is the introduction of the Film Impact Animation Series.

Plugins used

Product compatibility

Adobe Premiere Pro 2020-2024
Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017, 2018, and 2019

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