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Published on: 04-12-2020
Written by: Jaap H. Boerhof

Working with graphics in Premiere Pro

Hi everyone, and welcome to another Film Impact Video Tutorial. I'm Jaap Boerhof. I'm the founder and senior developer of Film Impact Premium Tools Here to show you Motion Tween. And Film Impact Motion Tween, ladies, and gentlemen, is one of the most time-saving tools you've ever seen! It is about working with graphics in Adobe Premiere Pro.

What does Motion Tween do?

It takes care of movements. Have you ever seen a logo that you need to move a little bit to the left and you would work with keyframes and everything to make it work? Those times are history. And let me show you how. Because here... Let's work with our own logo, right? So I'm going to Alt+Drag: Duplicate. And here I've got a beautiful logo, just happened to be ours. And why not reset all its parameters, so it's sitting there, beautiful, nicely centered. And I've worked for brands that wanted to show off their logo first. I don't know why, but they would just reveal their logo. And then they wanted to have the element being here, being shown as a kind of a watermark. Being always present in the entire video. So you would work with that and normally you would use keyframes for that.

Motion Tween Magic

Here's how things are done using Motion Tween. So I have the clip here: The logo element. I'm just making a cut: So cut. Creating two sides here. On the right side, I'm going to reposition this. So I'm going to lower the scaling and I'm going to set it around here. Perfect, that's good. Maybe a little bit more off the side of the edges here. So that'll work beautifully. So we've got to start and maybe you have some kind of a reveal there. Maybe you did a... Oh yeah, that's what I like: A transformer effect like Stretch Wipe or something, you know, to reveal the element. A very cool reveal here. But now we want to move things, right? So from here to here. This is where Motion Tween comes into play. Search for Motion Tween: You'll find it in the Film Impact Smart Tools. Just drag, drop and I'm going to stretch out everything. We have the position here and the position there. Now hit playback. It magically moved! It took care of the position from here... to there. And why not change the resolution to a half-rez so we can have real-time playback. Oh, yeah, that's good. That's looking good, right? So this is Motion Tween.

More magic with Motion Tween

And this is not the only thing motion tween can do, because if we dive into the parameter controls, you'll see that beautiful curve sitting there. And what if you would change the bezier curve to overshoot and see how that works. It's now doing the overshoot. See how that dynamically bounces. And we can do more. I mean we could add rotations. Why not add a y-axis rotation? See how that works. So there you go. Oh, beautiful! See how that dynamically moves. And why not give a swirl. Give it a movement. Move it to the right during the transition. So there you go. See how that all works dynamically and beautifully. All with the beautiful, dynamic, bouncy curve. This is how Motion Tween works. And, you know, this animation needs more time. See how that works. Oh, yeah. I mean, it might even more time, right? I might be zoomed in too much there. So this is beautiful. And let's change it back. I mean when the video is over, they want to want to have the logo all the way centred out. So I'm making another cut. And what I'm going to do, I could copy the motion from the position here. Just copy and select the clip and do a paste. See how that works. You can just copy paste and why not copy and paste the video transition too? This is good, right? So there you go. Beautiful, beautiful. Going back. So start... Back... And there you go. And then... You know what the most amazing thing is that if you have a client that says, well, all good and well, you know, you've never agreed to the entire video you've made, but they just said, well, we want to have the logo to the upper right corner. And you're like, oh, I'm here with all the keyframes, right. What do I do? Well, Motion Tween will work for you.

Repositioning Graphic Elements

Let's reposition this element to the upper right side or even lower right side and see how motions we follow and it just follows the transition and follows it back. So this will save so much of your time. And see how much the 3D motion blur works. Let's set it to full-resolution and set it to high quality. It's already set to high-quality playback. And see how that beautiful dynamic motion blur renders. It really emphasizes the movement. So here we've got the rotation. Let's do a rotational Z-axis rotation. See how that motion blur works with that. That's amazing. And there you go. And it's beautiful and it's playful. I mean, this is the way you want to work, right?

Save a round-trip to Adobe After Effects

And this will save you a round trip to After Effects. This will save you time working with keyframes. This will save you time doing After Effects scripting for whoever knows how that works. I mean you have to be mathemagician, whatever the word, you know it. You need to be really, really clever and know what you're doing. And this is all visually inside your favorite video editing app. And hope you like this. Hope you enjoyed this video. See you next time bye.

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