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Introduction to Motion Tween

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Published on: 10-12-2019
Written by: Jaap H. Boerhof

Motion Tween

Create dynamic graphic animations right within Premiere Pro with Film Impact Motion Tween.

  • Drag & Drop solution for creating graphic animations
  • Save a round-trip to After Effects
  • Speeds up your workflow dramatically
  • Easily add extra movements
  • Dazzling 3D-Motion-Blur-Engine to emphasize each movement
  • Keyframes are history

This plugin has been a game-changer for many professional video editors.

How It Works:

  1. Set the (A) starting position + scale + rotation + opacity a graphic element using the Video Motion Positioning Controls in Premiere Pro
  2. Make a cut around the point where you want the element to move or animate
  3. Select the second copy of the graphics element in your timeline.
  4. Set the (B) target position + scale + rotation + opacity of the graphic element.
  5. Apply Film Impact Motion Tween to the cut.

You're done:)

Motion Tween will now automatically 'tween' or animate from A to B —
Taking care of the differences in position, scale, rotation, and opacity.

Add Additional Movements

  1. Select the Motion Tween Video Transition in your timeline
  2. Go to the Effects Controls Tab
  3. Change the curve and add extra movements
  4. Play the animation and adjust to your likings


Advanced Render Options

Blend Type
The plugin actually uses a dissolve to get from one image to another during the 'tween'. 
Dissolve is the default option. Use 'Composite' if elements are located (partially) out of the frame.

Dissolve Time
100% will dissolve over the entire length of the transition
50% will only dissolve during half of the transition starting the Dissolve Center

Dissolve Center
If Dissolve Time < 100% it will tell when the blend will take place.
0% will start the dissolve directly at the beginning of the video transitions
50% will start the dissolve in the middle of the video transition
100% will start the dissolve all the way at the end of the video transition

Add Motion Blur Samples
If you are adding a lot of additional movements and rotations, chances are that the motion blur may produce visible motion blur steps. You can add extra motion blur steps to compensate and smoothen by cranking up this slider.

Expand Surface
When additional effects are applied to an element (Eg. Blur or Glow filter) The actual element will be bigger than what Premiere will tell Motion Tween. You will notice the element to be cut-off on the edges. Use this slider to compensate for that. Motion Tween automatically detects some built-in glows and blurs, so you probably don't really need this feature.

Back Face Culling
When enabled, it will hide the backside when it is rotating around the X or Y-axis.

"I use the Motion Impacts Animations and Film Impact Motion Tween in almost every video. It's BY FAR the most useful set of plugins I've ever come across." — Kelsey Brannan (aka Premiere Gal)

"My project edit time has vastly improved." — Matthew Fletcher

"Film Impact Motion Tween is awesome and save me a ton of time" —Austin Brooks

Motion Tween Product Details

Plugins used

Product compatibility

Adobe Premiere Pro 2020-2024
Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017, 2018, and 2019

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