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Ultimate Cross Dissolve for Premiere Pro

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Published on: 04-12-2020
Written by: Jaap H. Boerhof

Why you don't want to use the default Cross Dissolve in Premiere Pro

A Cross Dissolve transition is a great technique that can be used for any project. The dissolve is a transition as old as video editing itself. Ask any video editor and they will know how to apply a cross dissolve.

Now, what exactly is a dissolve? It's a gradual transition in which two clips overlap each other, with one shot gradually replacing the previous one. Now the word gradually says it all. This is a weak part of the built-in effect. Fortunately, we have come up with a professional and better Cross Dissolve.

Learning to apply the effect is simple!

Premiere Pro has a built-in Cross Dissolve, but in this tutorial we will show you the Film Impact Dissolve Impacts. This is because the built-in Cross Dissolve kinda looks rough. This tutorial will show you the difference between the built-in Cross Dissolve and Dissolve Impacts from Film Impact.

What do you need?

The Cross Dissolve is part of our essential collection. You can download and install our transitions for free. Get your transitions here.

Where to find the Cross Dissolve

  • Browse for cross dissolve effects in the Effects panel.
  • Use the Search box in the effects panel.

You can find the default transition below video transitions => Dissolve => Cross Dissolve.

The Film Impact transition can be found below => video transitions => Film Impact Essentials => FI: Dissolve Impacts

How to apply the transitions

Simply drag the video transitions to your sequence and see the difference between both effects!

Did you notice the following differences?

  • Giant leap from 0 till 30 percent with the built in effect
  • Notice the difference in smoothness
  • Take control with our Visual Curve Editor

Haven't you notice any difference? Try to compare the video transitions side by side. Just add the same videos to your edits and apply the different effects.

Tip: Add Dissolve Impacts as your default transition. 

All our Premiere Pro Transitions include the Visual Curve Editor. This technique is unique and ensures smooth and professional transitions. You have full control over your effects.

Try some of our other effects and complete your projects!

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