Explore a set of powerful tools that you've always wished for. From swift background removal to achieving fast and smooth blurs with a touch of chromatic aberration, you'll be amazed. Perfect circle cropping, vibrant long shadows, artistic vignettes, and elegant graphic outlining are all within your grasp. 

Dive in and discover how Essential FX can revolutionize your video editing experience.

Not Just Essential Transitions, But Now Essentials FX

We’re always looking for excellence in our video editing career. Inevitably, this is what makes us experts in our field.

Well, why limit our creative potential with what’s familiar? With these brand new tools at your disposal, that you only wished were real, the limits to your creative expression expand once again!

  • Remove backgrounds from logos and illustrations to make them stick on top of the next scene in your timeline with the simplicity of just a couple of clicks.
  • Effortlessly achieve fast, smooth blurs, with the added flair of optional chromatic aberration, to create a dynamic, modern effect that brings your visuals to life.
  • Perfectly crop in a circle (or a square) without a fuss to reveal the majestic scene hidden in the background.
  • Infuse vibrant, dramatic shadows for a captivating lift to your illustrations and text.
  • Unleash an artistic vignette, accompanied by the option for a dreamy blur to mesmerize the attention of your viewers
  • Outline your graphics elegantly to induce a feeling of depth & importance.

Ready to give them a try?

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Your Typical Blur Transitions Just Leveled Up To Object Animations

You’re already familiar with the beautiful blurs & lights transitions you can apply on your timeline, moving form one scene to the next. What if you could take same beautiful Blur dynamic and apply it to illustrations, logos or texts? On top of the scene you have in the background!

Crazy, isn’t it? Well, now it’s possible!

Wouldn’t this ignite a new level of creativity that would expand your horizons? 

That’s for you to discover. Our only intention is to take your wishes and include them in the sometimes limiting capacities of Premiere Pro.

It’s not just a typical Blur, the possibilities are endless!

Let’s see a quick example…

Easy To Use Technology for Infinite Customisation

Our new Essential FX needed to be easy to apply, otherwise you'd still be relying on Premiere’s Pro sometimes really hard to use technology… Not talking about having to combine it with After Effects to get the animation you need.

We’re over all that hassle. A new era has come, and now applying essential animations to your illustrations, logos, or texts has become easy!

Follow these simple steps to try the Essential FXs:

  1. Visit filmimimpact.com/get-free-access
  2. Enter the Form
  3. Download & Install
  4. Activate your 30-day free trial (video instructions here

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