Seamlessly grow objects & slide your illustrations in the ideal position. Incorporate 3D rotations and condense any element from clips to artwork. Keep your graphics in perpetual motion or gradually adjust the spacing between characters.

All of this awaits you in Film Impact’s Motion FX collection!

Motion Video Effects on Demand - Available in Premiere Pro

Crafting video effects was once a time-consuming and meticulous task, demanding painstaking precision. Even industry-standard tools like Premiere Pro can sometimes falter in perfecting the timing of video effects. 

This inspired us to bring the remarkable Motion FX series to life. 

  • Seamlessly grow clips, text, and graphics with a simple drag & drop using Grow FX.
  • Try Move FX to slide your illustrations into the ideal position in just a couple of clicks.
  • 3D made-for-you rotations are now effortless to apply with 3D Rotate FX
  • You can now condense any element from clips to artwork in a matter of seconds using the magic of Shrink FX.
  • It is possible to keep your graphics in perpetual motion without time-consuming keyframes by using Spin FX.
  • Finally, with Spacer FX you can gradually adjust the spacing between characters in text & multi-layered logos.

If you’re ready to put the Motion FX on your timeline and let them bring your video projects to life, you can register for 30 Days of Free Unrestricted Access by clicking the button below.

30-Days Free Unrestricted Access — Enjoy!

And Get 4 Premium Video Transitions as a FREE Bonus!

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The Power of Move FX – Your Shortcut to Perfect Placement!

With 'Move FX,' you can effortlessly slide your illustrations into the ideal position, making precision and smooth transition a breeze. Say goodbye to the frustration of manual adjustments and welcome a world of creative possibilities. 

Whether you're working with graphics, images, or any visual element, 'Move FX' is here to position them in the right place on the background scene with just a couple of clicks.

Imagine, how would you use that simple motion effect in your video projects? What was this idea that you could finally bring into reality?

New Technology & Say Goodbye to Premiere Pro’s Annoying Keyframe Editor

Tired of wrestling with the minuscule keyframe editor in Premiere Pro? We feel your pain. 

With our revolutionary technology and the Motion FX series, all of this is over. With the six new Motion FX Special Effects, we’re here to change the name of the game. No more painstakingly placing keyframes, because Motion FX accomplishes animations effortlessly, with no keyframes required!

Whether you're looking to add subtle bounces, smooth Bézier curves, or eye-catching overshoot animations, it's all now just a simple click away. Say goodbye to the frustration of keyframe editing and welcome a world of animation possibilities with the Motion FX series. 

It's time to make your video editing experience smoother, more intuitive, and creatively engaging.

Follow these simple steps to try the Motion FXs:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter the Form
  3. Download & Install
  4. Activate your 30-day free trial (video instructions here) 

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