New Features and Additions

Great news everyone! With the 4.7 update, the entire framework has been fortified and new features are added to Motion Camera, Slice Impacts, Louvre Impacts, Page Peel Impacts, Wave Impacts, and many more!

Visual indicators for point controls

Here is what's new in version 4.7:

Future-Proofing Film Impacts Technology

With version 4.7 we’ve moved away from OpenGL entirely. From now on, all Film Impact's plugins are native CUDA, OpenCL, and Apple Metal plugins.

The new update perfectly integrates with the Adobe Mercury GPU render engine and as a result, our plugins got an improvement in speed and rendering.

And if you are not into the technicalities of things, let me try to explain in plain English what this means for you - the professional video editor using our Film Impact technology.

OpenGL was once the industry standard for High-Performance Graphics. It used to be loved by every self-respecting developer. 

It enabled fast rendering of 2D and 3D graphic vectors by communicating directly with the GPU (the graphics processor) via an API (application programming interface) and many of the best-known video games and programs used to run on OpenGL.

Some of the popular games running on OpenGL were Doom and Minecraft and some of the popular programs were AutoCAD, 3D Studio Max, and of course Premiere Pro itself!

Yes! Premiere Pro used to rely heavily on OpenGL at the time and for good reason. But times changed and new, better alternatives to OpenGL popped up…

The Fall of OpenGL And The Rise of CUDA, OpenCL, And Apple Metal

We are fully compatible with Apple M1 and Apple M1 Max

As time went on it seemed like technology was evolving faster than OpenGL could handle. Soon OpenGL was slower than it used to be. The functionalities it had were no longer enough for many of the new applications.

We needed a new GPU empowering platform to free us from the limitations OpenGL had, to express our full creativity as creators.

And speaking of freedom for our creativity, isn’t exactly this that you want? To express yourself deep from within? To show the world what you’re made of? We get it, we are creators too.

And for us, creators, is important to have the tools needed to express our creativity fully, uninterrupted and unchained by any limitations or blocks.

This is exactly what our new update is all about at its core - Freedom.

​Update To Film Impact V4.7 Today!

And freedom is exactly the reason why many professional companies slowly started moving away from OpenGL into the so-called Compute Unified Device Architecture or CUDA.

Faster And Smarter Platform To Create The Next Generation of Professional Software 

CUDA is made by Nvidia and it’s essentially a parallel computing platform and application programming interface (API) that basically allows software to use the GPU you already have in a smarter way. 

Applications using CUDA are generally faster, more stable, and extremely versatile. Take for example the newest version of Film impact 4.7 where many of our best plugins had an improvement in speed and rendering just because we are now using the CUDA technology.

CUDA is here to stay! So are we! 

Working with CUDA, OpenCL, and Apple Metal we have future-proofed our plugins so that Film Impact technology can stay at the top of the wave for years to come.

And if you still haven’t updated your copy yet, do so now! The 4.7 Update comes free with your subscription! 

To Sum It All Up

OpenGL had its time and it was amazing! But now new players are taking the lead with smarter and faster platforms than ever before. 

To keep the cutting-edge technology status Film Impact has, we needed to make some decisions and make some changes to future-proof our technology.

Now with the 4.7 update, Film Impact has entirely moved away from OpenGL as Apple will remove their support for it sooner or later.

Currently, all of our plugins are native CUDA, OpenCL, and Apple Metal plugins. The update perfectly integrates with Adobe Mercury GPU render engine.

Side effects from the update are improved speed and rendering, along with some neat feature additions on many of our plugins, like Slice Impacts, Louvre Impacts, Page Peel Impacts, Wave Impacts, and more!

Make sure to download your copy today!

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