Real camera movement in the palm of your hand

In a world of constantly advancing technology, consumers sometimes start craving the for a more authentic look for your project…

Even in the realm of cinema and filmmaking, there's a growing appreciation for the simplicity and authenticity reminiscent of earlier times. The constant presence of flawless effects, intricate storylines, and the comprehensive application of tools to captivate the audience through immaculate edits and montages can feel overwhelming.

  • What if that became the new norm, and people started feeling overwhelmed?

  • What if they wanted back some shaky, raw, unedited, and real footage?

  • As video editors, can we fulfill these desires with the tools we currently have at our disposal?

  • When it comes to real-life footage we’re working with, we have to ask ourselves…

A return to authenticity

This is where Film Impact comes with one of our new unconventional tools, the Camera Shake FX.

When we’re looking at the production of cinema movies or festival documentaries, what if we could add a deeper layer of realism and thematic depth to the visual story we’re crafting?

Wouldn’t that trigger some memories in the viewer and let them forget what’s predictable?
Wouldn't it give us some freedom as editors to leave the footage as it is?
What if sometimes, less is more?

Of course, this doesn’t apply to all video projects and productions, but we must be equipped with all the necessary tools.

Using the Camera Shake FX, you can now…

Get Realistic Again with Multiple Presets Available

At the core of this effect lies the capability to add ultra-realistic movements, complete with a ton of motion blur that makes the camera shake look almost real.

But you know our passionate team of video effect developers. They always do their best to make your job as effortless as possible.

We’ve compiled presets reflecting the most common raw footage scenarios, to make your job applying the Camera Shake FX as easy as possible.

Experiment with the following camera modes to turn any static footage into dynamic moving shots:

  • One-Handed: This creates the subtle movement of somebody shooting a video one-handedly while trying to concentrate on keeping the phone stable.
  • Slow Walk: Move the camera as if it is a point-of-view shot from someone walking.
  • Fast Walk: Similar to the slow walk, but faster, less stable, and more chaotic.
  • Earthquake: Shake as you’re literally being chased by some tremendous danger and you just can’t keep your footage stable. Yet, it’s vital to save the memory!

To make this easier to imagine, you can look at the video and see the effect directly.

Best Use Cases to Let Your Imagination Go Wild

We genuinely hope the following application ideas offer you a glimpse of how Camera Shake FX can serve as a creative assistant in your video editing journey.

  1. Festivals and big social gatherings are universally enjoyed. People clearly enjoy coming together around shared topics of interest, and capturing these moments on film offers a fascinating perspective.

    That’s where the Camera Shake FX becomes a valuable tool for simulating camera movements without the need for post-production techniques.

  2. Consider any clips or scenes in movies where the camera observes from a distance, intending to create a sense of stillness or calm observation. Think of nature documentaries or footage similar to what we see on the Discovery Channel.

  3. Another inspiring idea for applying the effect is in editing personal, vlog-style videos or indie films that require a more intimate experience, conveying the first-person perspective. This easily gives a more authentic and raw feel to the scenes.

  4. For action movies, disaster documentaries, or thrillers where you need to simulate intense, dramatic and chaotic movement to a tripod, drone or gimbal shot akin to an earthquake, or for horror films to create the feelings of tension and disorientation.

  5. Scenes of contemplative exploration. Imagine a movie scene where the main character is exploring a new location and you want to add subtle and realistic motion to the camera. The fast walk preset can simulate urgency and energy into scenes where the character rushes through a crowded street, for example.

A pro tip: Our users have said that Camera Shake FX is a great way to combine handheld footage with tripod shots. So, any time you have a project like that, it might serve you as a great assistant!

Personally, I like to use the Smooth Out Control to stabilize any excessive movements and make them fit my vision.

All these ideas and more are available to you, when working with the effect.

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Keep This in Mind

To sum it up, use the Camera Shake FX to bring real handheld camera movements into your projects!


Jaap H Boerhof

Founder of Film Impact Premium Video Effects for Premiere Pro

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