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Posted on 09-04-2024 Back to blog overview

As we welcome the vibrant spring season, we're thrilled to unveil our latest update, packed with blossoming enhancements. Let's dive into what's blooming in our Version 5.2 Spring Update...

What's new in the V5.2 Spring Release?

New Video Effects

Simplify multi object animation with Wiggle FX

Wiggle FX offers a streamlined approach to motion graphics creation. Its automatic detection of on-screen elements eliminates manual setup, saving you valuable time and effort.

Automated Object Alignment with Auto Align FX

Experience the convenience of quick and effortless object and text alignment with Auto Align FX.
This powerful plugin revolutionizes the alignment process by seamlessly detecting individual objects on-screen and precisely aligning them along horizontal and vertical axes or centering them automatically.

Anticipation Curve

Meet the most significant improvement to our Visual Curve Editor to date.

This update brings one of the most significant improvements to our Visual Curve Editor. Both the Bezier and Overshoot curves now have an anticipation feature, allowing you to finetune your animation using the anticipation principle that all animators are familiar with.

anticipation curve in the visual curve editor

Start Fresh Button

To start the season fresh, we’ve added a ‘Start Fresh’ button to our effects, which quickly resets all parameters to a neutral state.

New Features

Linear Wipe - New Stroke Features

The Linear Wipe transition from our Essentials series was well received. To thank you for your enthusiasm, we decided to add a few more features.
Linear Wipe now has the option to add a colored stroke, complete with glow and shadow options. This new feature works nicely with other features like mirrors and wipe repeats.

More video effects for Premiere Pro are coming your way!

Keep the creativity blooming this spring with the Film Impact 5.2 Update! We're excited to see the fantastic projects you'll create with these new enhancements. Happy editing, and may your springtime be filled with endless inspiration!

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