How To Seamlessly Reveal Any Text One Letter At A Time

Posted on 24-08-2022 Back to blog overview

Have you ever wondered how you can make your message stand out in the videos, and how to be more intriguing and eye-grabbing? If yes, boy do we have something for you!

The Importance of Text Animations

Text is an important part of every video, be it a sales video, a travel video, an educational video, or simply a dance video. Text is engaging, fun, and it keeps the eyes focused on it. 

However, having a paragraph of text appearing all at once may feel a bit intimidating to read, and the viewer is more likely to skip to the next video.

But having it appear one letter at a time is something else! 

By revealing the text one letter at a time you have constant movement! You focus the viewers’ attention on what’s happening now and it’s more likely that they will continue reading the entire thing, however long it may be.

Just take a look at how engaging reading becomes when you have revealing text using the classic typewriter effect.

It looks beautiful and elegant, and at the same time, it engages you in reading the text! Amazing!

But there is one slight problem here. 

It’s All About Unleashing Your Creativity And Imagination

What happens when the classic typewriter effect that comes with Premiere Pro just isn’t cutting it? What if you wish to have something more sophisticated and elegant but don’t know how to edit the classic typewriter effect?

Well, here we want to suggest Film Impact’s Text Animator Tool!

Think of the Text Animator tool as the better version of the default typewriter effect. With the Text Animator tool, you can do literally anything you wish with your text, without spending hours trying to adjust every single detail.

With our new Text Animator, you can seamlessly create an endless variety of different text effects With A Single Click Of A Button!

That’s right! We have included over 10 different and unique, professional-looking presets for you to choose from! Just choose one of the presets and see how your text animates before your eyes.

Let me show you how it works!

The Only Text Animator Tool You Will Ever Need

Okay, now that we have an idea of what our text Animator can accomplish, let’s dive into it and see it in action!

First, go to the effects library and search for “Text Animator.” You will see it popping up under the Film Impacts Smart Tools. After clicking it, you will instantly see a change in the text animation. 

Take a look at what it looks like right out of the box!

You can instantly see how the text animator changed the way text is being revealed. Now it reveals in a more flowing and elegant way than before. This alone has a tremendous effect on the way your videos are going to be perceived.

You can grab the Text Animator Tool right now for free when you register for a 30-days of Free Unrestricted Access To Our Entire Transition Library!

And That Is Just The Beginning

To make whatever modifications you want, just head over to the left-hand side and click on the effects controls tab where you can choose from one of our 10 ready-to-use custom presets.

Select one of them to see how it looks on your video. For example, let’s select the Squeeze Up preset to see the instant changes in our text animation.

Doesn’t that look great? With only a few clicks and less than a minute you have a professional-looking text animation that normally would take hours to put together!

And that’s not all! If you want to experiment with all kinds of text animation effects until you land on the best one, we have a surprise for you!

Just under the presets dropdown button you will find the Surprise Me button. Now, this is where the magic truly happens!

The Surprise Me button takes you through one of the million iterations you can accomplish in a mere second. With one click you can enjoy a new randomly-created, professional-looking Text Effect.

Sounds fantastic, right? Just wait until you get to test it out for yourself!


With our Text Animator tool, you are now able to produce hundreds of different and unique animations for your text. You can have every single text on your video come up with a unique, yet stylish animation.

Using the Text Animator Tool will not only expand your creative toolkit but will also save you a ton of time and pain while creating text animations.

Using the Surprise Me button is the fastest way to generate new and unique animation in a second.

For a more in-depth tutorial on the Text Animator Tool, take a look at this short video from our founder Jaap above. 

Now you have everything you need to create beautiful text animations in seconds, so don’t wait any longer and grab the Text Animator Tool by registering for a 30-Days Of Free Unrestricted Access To Your New Transition Pack!

As always, stay inspired!

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