Best Cross Dissolve for Premiere Pro

When the built-in Cross Dissolve just isn't cutting it — What do you do?

Desire a natural and pristine look to your dissolves?

Step into the world of Film Impact's new and re-imagined Classic Dissolve. 
FI’s Dissolve Impacts delivers the ultimate smoothness test.
The classic dissolve has been reborn.

Dissolve Impacts offers all the familiar features of the classic dissolve transition, plus the addition of the innovative SmartVideo Editing™ Visual Curve Editor. This feature allows you to emphasize the soft feel of this elegant video transition. 

We have also added four different Dissolve Type settings to the mix, which you can use to easily regulate the brightness behavior in the middle of the transition. This allows you to play with the intensity of the effect, creating either a peaceful or a more flashy look.

The Cross Dissolve Type has the default dip in brightness of a classic dissolve transition, while the Film Dissolve Type compensates for this drop in light intensity. The Lowlight and Highlight Dissolve Types also prevent the luminescence drop, but give priority to darker or brighter colors. 

Join more than 32.000 savvy editors worldwide who are experiencing and enjoying smoother, fresher video transitions.

This video transition, which is part of our new Essentials collection, has been rewritten completely from scratch with new features and/or improvements and makes use of the latest GPU acceleration technology for maximum performance.

Included in
The Big Bang subscription Visions subscription Essentials subscription
Adobe Premiere Pro 2020-2024
Compatible with: Windows Mac
Compatible with Windows, macOS 10.11 and higher, including Apple Silicon M1-M3
Nvidia CUDA logo
Nvidia CUDA GPU Accelerated
Apple metal logo
Apple Metal GPU Accelerated
OpenCL logo
OpenCL GPU Accelerated

Cross-Dissolve vs Dissolve Impacts

Create the smoothest video dissolve you've ever seen.
Enjoy the SmartVideo Editing Technology by Film Impact.

  • Visual explanation of the SmartVideo Editing Curves
  • Experience the difference between the built-in Cross Dissolve by Premiere Pro
  • Set Dissolve Impacts as your default video transition

SmartVideo Editing™ Technology

Curve Controls
Take control of advanced motion curves using our Smart Editing Technology™ Visual Curve Editor. No complicated math. No keyframes. Just create stunning visuals in a fraction of the time !

Surprise-Me feature
Explore all the different possibilities of the transition with just a single mouse click!

Effect Controls
Aside from the full control over the dissolve, we offer a range of Dissolve Types to best suit your transition needs.

If only all Video Editing software looked like this

Get the most out of your Video Transitions!

Instead of overwhelming our users with countless of single purpose video transitions, we’ve designed our video transitions to be very scalable and versatile. This allows you to get almost endless variations out of a single video transition.

Intuitive Interface Design

We have taken great care in designing an effective but easy-to-use interface for all our products with a unified and intuitive User Interface Design. This allows us to have a great amount of customization possible within our video transitions, without overwhelming the user with complex interfaces.

Integrated Plugin Management

Unlike other products on the market, we have designed our plug-in management system to be sleek and non-intrusive. This allows us to have fully synchronised settings and licensing across all our products without the need to open any external application.

To 4K, 8K and 16K Resolutions and Beyond!

Our video transitions support any standard resolution from the smallest to the latest industry standards, custom resolutions and Full High DPI Monitor / Retina Display support.

Full HDR Rendering

We maintain Full-HDR 32-bit float support within all our calculations, blending and blurring algorithms to achieve and maintain the absolute best image quality possible.

Real-Time Performance

We’ve got a team of mad scientists with over 25-years of experience in the graphics industry that spent quite a lot of time optimizing our algorithms for maximum performance using GPU acceleration, optimizing every bit of data while still maintaining the very best in image quality. This allows for some of our video transitions to approximate real-time performance levels on Full-HD and even 4K resolutions.

Full GPU Acceleration Support

We support all the latest GPU acceleration technology for maximum performance, with Full Support for all Graphics Card Vendors, such as AMD, NVIDIA and Others. As well as dedicated support for all major Graphics API's, such as Metal, CUDA, OpenCL and OpenGL.

30-Days Free Unrestricted Access — Enjoy!

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