Create a Mirror Effect in Premiere Pro

Bring A Sense Of Magic And Wonder Into Your Video Productions

As video producers, we often search for different and unique ways to enhance our videos with little magic and wonder, leaving the viewer in awe. 

Having the best selection of effects and transitions is what empowers us to unleash our creativity and test the full potential of the tools we have at hand.

But oftentimes everything we have may feel old and redundant for the goals of our new project. After all, we don’t want to create hundreds of videos with the same elements over and over again.

To keep the level uniqueness of our productions, we need new and exciting effects and transitions, bringing that sense of wonder and amazement into the viewer’s mind.

We need an enchanting and mesmerizing effect that will instantly capture the viewer’s full attention and hold it until the very end.

That’s why after many hours of research and hard work, our team of mad producers and developers at Film Impact had created the Mirror Impacts Effect!

Included in
The Big Bang subscription Visions subscription
Adobe Premiere Pro 2020-2024
Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017, 2018, and 2019
Compatible with: Windows Mac
Compatible with Windows, macOS 10.11 and higher, including Apple Silicon M1-M3
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OpenCL GPU Accelerated
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SmartVideo Editing™ Technology

Our SmartVideo Editing™ Technology is unique in the industry: Is a Precision Metrics Based Revolutionary Pivot Away from the old ways software works.  Using these features will save you both time and money, whilst providing powerful effects with just a click of a button.

Surprise-Me feature
Explore all the different possibilities of the transition with just a single mouse click!

Mirror Angle
Precisely control where your mirror angle will be on your video clips.

Tweak your push amount and direction
Don't just push — Being able to change the exact push direction and push amount opens up a whole lot of different possibilities.

Adding rotations is giving just that little bit extra —
Try this with logo reveals!

Options for scaling will zoom in or out.
So much impact with just a few easy-to-understand sliders

Play with the visual curve to accelerate movements to create a dramatic effect

What to expect

Get the most out of your Video Transitions!

Instead of overwhelming our users with countless of single purpose video transitions, we’ve designed our video transitions to be very scalable and versatile. This allows you to get almost endless variations out of a single video transition.

Intuitive Interface Design

We have taken great care in designing an effective but easy-to-use interface for all our products with a unified and intuitive User Interface Design. This allows us to have a great amount of customization possible within our video transitions, without overwhelming the user with complex interfaces.

Integrated Plugin Management

Unlike other products on the market, we have designed our plug-in management system to be sleek and non-intrusive. This allows us to have fully synchronised settings and licensing across all our products without the need to open any external application.

To 4K, 8K and 16K Resolutions and Beyond!

Our video transitions support any standard resolution from the smallest to the latest industry standards, custom resolutions and Full High DPI Monitor / Retina Display support.

Full HDR Rendering

We maintain Full-HDR 32-bit float support within all our calculations, blending and blurring algorithms to achieve and maintain the absolute best image quality possible.

Real-Time Performance

We’ve got a team of mad scientists with over 25-years of experience in the graphics industry that spent quite a lot of time optimizing our algorithms for maximum performance using GPU acceleration, optimizing every bit of data while still maintaining the very best in image quality. This allows for some of our video transitions to approximate real-time performance levels on Full-HD and even 4K resolutions.

Full GPU Acceleration Support

We support all the latest GPU acceleration technology for maximum performance, with Full Support for all Graphics Card Vendors, such as AMD, NVIDIA and Others. As well as dedicated support for all major Graphics API's, such as Metal, CUDA, OpenCL and OpenGL.

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Now, let’s take a look at the importance and significance of using mirror-based transitions in your video productions!

Enchant The Viewer With The Magic Of Mirrors

There’s nothing more magical and fairy than looking at a mirror. For centuries mirrors have presented the truth and honesty in various cultures all around the world.

The act of looking at a mirror is the act of self-reflection, where no matter what masks you may be wearing or what lies you may tell yourself, the mirror will always reflect the truth in your eyes.

A person can never lie to himself when looking at the mirror. The naked truth always shines through for you to see and recognize yourself as you truly are!

But what does this have to do with video producing, I heard you ask?

The Psychological Effects Of Mirror Transitions 

Research shows that the mirror effect is connected with the center in our brain responsible for deeper attention and focus. 

In other words, whenever we look at a mirror or see something mirrored, we tend to focus our full attention on the object observed.

That’s why mirror-based transitions look so captivating and mesmerizing! Other than that, they are beautiful and transition seamlessly from one scene into the next, all while hooking the viewer’s attention, preparing him for what’s next!

When And Where To Use The Mirror Impacts Effect?

Knowing the significance of the mirror effect, I guess you already have a bunch of ideas as to where and how you’re going to use this mesmerizing transition. 

From simple transitions having nothing in common to more advanced transitions with deep symbolism, you can use the Mirror Impacts Effect almost everywhere you see fit!

Still, let’s explore some of the best options for a transition we have:

  • Between landscapes - With the magnificence of mother nature, it’s not hard to imagine the beauty of such a transition. 
  • Between people - The most potent transition of them all. The sole purpose of the mirror, seeing who we are or who we could be.
  • Between distant and close view - A splendid situation for a mesmerizing effect. This catches everyone's attention every. single. time!
  • A transition to an important scene you want your viewers to pay attention to - It could be a transition to a product, service, or just something important for the video.
  • When you want to create a sense of retrospection or self-awareness

We hope this inspires your creativity with lots of different ideas. And if it does, then I invite you to download and play with the Mirror Impacts Effect for an entire month for free!

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