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Best Distortion effects for Premiere

Distortion video transitions and effects have a wide range of use. It’s easy to express your own video editing style using the best distortion effects for Premiere Pro. Ever thought about using the kaleidoscope distortion effect for revealing or concealing text on your videos? Use the Earthquake Impacts to emphasize game explosions in your Twitch videos. We just love playing with these distortion effects and create a unique look every time — All right within your favorite editing application. Discover the best distortion effects for Adobe Premiere Pro.

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Retro VHS rewind effect

Need to get that retro VHS Look? Easily turn your video clips into a retro VHS style. Creating a VHS rewind effect in mere seconds. Here are 6 simple steps on how to get that cool retro VHS effect in Premiere Pro:

  1. Select all video clips that you want to reverse
  2. Right-click and select ‘Nest…’ and give the nested sequence a name.
  3. Right-click the nested sequence and open the ‘speed/duration’ options dialogue
  4. Toggle the ‘reverse’ checkbox — optionally increase the speed percentage
  5. Make a cut in the center of the nested sequence
  6. Apply the VHS Distortion Impacts to that particular cut

The result will look like an older VHS tape that rewinds back with all the iconic VHS style look: Coarse black and white noise, channel blurring, washed-out colors, and video tearing.

VHS presets for Premiere Pro

Dive into the effects parameter controls and push the surprise-me button to randomly create an awesome VHS look. Explore the capabilities of this effect. Like a particular setting? Learn how to create Premiere Pro presets from this effect.

Create Presets from the Premiere Pro Effect Controls Tab

Fast Rendering — Low Export Times

Energize your cuts with the Film Impact Distortion seriesStylize your transitions and use captivating effects like the Kaleidoscope or Glass distortion effect for Premiere ProQuickly apply an Earthquake effect in Premiere ProDiscover powerful distortion effects like Shake, glitch, grunge. 

Save a round-trip to Adobe After Effects. Apply the VHS look directly in Premiere Pro. Powered by our rapid GPU-accelerated render engine — this effect is a real-time effect. Again, No After Effects needed! You’ll save time is so many ways:

  • Save time creating this awesome VHS effect
  • Fast Rendering
  • Smooth playback
  • Low Export Times

Free distortion effects for Premiere Pro 

Get free distortion effects for Premiere Pro. Start using our entire plugin library free for 30 days!

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Film Impact premium video transitions will speed up your workflow and add production value to your video editing projects. Start distorting your clips today;) Produce creative videos that express your own video editing style. You'll love it!

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