Split Screen Video Effect for Premiere Pro

Every Story Has Two Sides, And You Should Capture Them Both!

Have you ever seen an old movie where a romantic couple talks on the phone late at night? 

On the left side of the screen, you see the man expressing his love, and on the right side, you see the girl covered in tears of joy. You can see their reactions while the other one talks. You can feel their emotions just by looking at their expressions. 

This is possible with a method called Split Screen, and generally, it’s not easy to do… Or it wasn’t!

That’s why our team at Film Impacts worked relentlessly to bring you our new, easy-to-use, Split Screen effect, which we are certain you’ll love!

In fact, we are so certain you’ll love it that we are willing to give you a full 30 days of Free Unrestricted Access To Our Very Best Effects if you sign up today!

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That being said, let us investigate further why so many people love and use the Split Screen effect.

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Adobe Premiere Pro 2020-2024
Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017, 2018, and 2019
Compatible with: Windows Mac
Compatible with Windows, macOS 10.11 and higher, including Apple Silicon M1-M3
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Nvidia CUDA GPU Accelerated
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SmartVideo Editing™ Technology

Curve Controls
Take control of advanced motion curves using our Smart Editing Technology™ Visual Curve Editor. No complicated math. No keyframes. Just create stunning visuals in a fraction of the time !

Surprise-Me feature
Explore all the different possibilities of the transition with just a single mouse click!

Transformation Controls
Direct your audience attention and put the focus where its needed. Transform any element of your transition by setting position, rotation, direction, and scaling easy and intuitively!

Effect Controls
Finetune your transition with Blurring and Distortion controls.

Color Controls
Easily match company branding by adjusting color, contrast, saturation and exposure.

Impact Motion-Blur Engine™
Emphasize speed and motion using our lightning fast proprietary Impact Motion-Blur Engine. This technology produces premium quality, visually stunning Motion Graphics from right within your video editing suite.


Intuitive Interface Design

We have taken great care in designing an effective but easy-to-use interface for all our products with a unified and intuitive User Interface Design. This allows us to have a great amount of customization possible within our video transitions, without overwhelming the user with complex interfaces.

Get the most out of your Video Transitions!

Instead of overwhelming our users with countless of single purpose video transitions, we’ve designed our video transitions to be very scalable and versatile. This allows you to get almost endless variations out of a single video transition.

Full HDR Rendering

We maintain Full-HDR 32-bit float support within all our calculations, blending and blurring algorithms to achieve and maintain the absolute best image quality possible.

To 4K, 8K and 16K Resolutions and Beyond!

Our video transitions support any standard resolution from the smallest to the latest industry standards, custom resolutions and Full High DPI Monitor / Retina Display support.

Real-Time Performance

We’ve got a team of mad scientists with over 25-years of experience in the graphics industry that spent quite a lot of time optimizing our algorithms for maximum performance using GPU acceleration, optimizing every bit of data while still maintaining the very best in image quality. This allows for some of our video transitions to approximate real-time performance levels on Full-HD and even 4K resolutions.

Integrated Plugin Management

Unlike other products on the market, we have designed our plug-in management system to be sleek and non-intrusive. This allows us to have fully synchronised settings and licensing across all our products without the need to open any external application.

Fusing Different Perspectives In A Single Holistic View

As video producers, we often have more than just one perspective we want to show, and sometimes to simply transition between frames feels too mundane and unsatisfying.

We want our viewers to see the whole picture from multiple angles, to feel engaged, to feel present in every aspect of the production video.

And Split Screen is the way to show them everything at once!

We can show them the action and the stillness, the love and the hate, the Yin and the Yang all in one frame.

With the Split Screen effect you can present a bigger picture, a broader perspective of the reality and its different elements, you have full control over what your audience sees and feels!

How Did The Split Screen Effect Came To Be?

In 1898 Georges Méliès created a groundbreaking visual effect in his film “The Four Troublesome Heads” and you guessed it… the audience was blown away by this simple, yet astounding effect.

And from this point on Split Screens gained mass popularity. Top video producers from all over the world used this multi-perspective technology in their movies, making them a true masterpiece.

Before the arrival of digital technology, video editors would create Split Screens by combining two or more separate video footages, by copying them to one single negative, called the compose. This was a really hard and slow effect to achieve.

So we put our best minds to work for days until we came up with something that is simple to use, easy to apply, and has the most variations possible!

And it will be yours today to play with for free when you register for our 30-Days of Free Unrestricted Access To Your New Premiere Pro Transition Pack.

What Are The Ways You Can Use Split Impacts?

Have you ever been mesmerized by a shot of a luxurious yacht in the sea filmed from a drone? And then suddenly the screen opens up giving you a closer look at the deck and its passengers?

Yes, it does feel awesome. It does feel like you are tearing reality apart just to have a look at what’s underneath it. 

And that’s what we were encouraged to recreate...

Split Screens have been used for centuries to present two pictures side by side or right one on top of the other, but today the effect is mainly used to create some kick-ass transitions from one scene to another.

Here are just some examples of Split Screen use cases:

  • Expectation versus Reality
  • Before and after 
  • Zoomed in and Zoomed out perspective 
  • Showing two or more ways something can be done
  • The typical phone call scenario
  • Showing two completely different paths 

While there are many use case scenarios, we at Film Impacts like to use the Split Screen effect mainly to create some mind-boggling and seamless transitions when the most action is happening. 

We have seen the emotions that our viewers experience from video transitions like this and we are ready to give you this effect for free for the next 30-days! 

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and add some magic to your video productions!

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