Legacy V3 Product Support

This page contains important information about your legacy version 3 license(s) of Film Impact Video Transitions:

Legacy version 3 product support has ended (Dec. 31th 2020)

What does this mean for you?

  • It means our V3 software plugins are no longer maintained.
  • V3 plugins will not be updated to support Apple M1 Silicon (ARM64)
  • You can still download your copy
  • Need your license keys?

For best performance and continued support and updates —
We recommend you move forward to Film Impact Version 4.

Read more details about this subject below.

Most frequently asked questions (FAQ)

You will still be able to download your copy —  Even access your license keys. Here is how:

Download Version 3 plugins

Our version 3 plugins have proven to be stable and will continue to work in most cases.
You can still download the latest version of our V3 software using this link:

Need your license keys?

Create a Film Impact account using an email address that matches your previous purchases.
Your Film Impact Account will allow you to:

  • See your order history
  • View your invoices
  • Download our software
  • Request your license keys

Will the V3 plugins stop working after Dec. 31th, 2020?

Short answer: No —
Film Impact Version 3 is likely to continue to run on your computer system.
There are some important notices I’d like to point out:

OpenGL Rendering

Most of our Version 3 plugins are based on OpenGL, a cross-platform graphics API that has been used for years in the games and graphics industry. Since OSX 10.14, Apple has deprecated the use of OpenGL in favor of their own Metal platform. At some point, Apple will stop supporting OpenGL. When they do, most of our V3 plugins will no longer work on newer OSX versions.

The future looks okay for now as the next version of OSX called “Big Sur” still has OpenGL support built-in.

Affected packs:

  • Transition Pack 2 — version 3
  • Transition Pack 3 — version 3
  • Transition Pack 4 — version 3
  • Bounce Pack — version 3
  • Motion Tween — version 3

Transition Pack 1 is the only V3 package that does not use OpenGL rendering. Instead, it uses multithreaded CPU rendering (relying heavily on AMD/Intel processor optimizations) —

Let’s talk about processor support…

Apple M1 Silicon ARM64 processors

Apple has announced it will move away from Intel hardware to use their own ARM64 processors. Our version 3 plugins will not be updated to support ARM64. Software that only supports Intel Processors may still run on ARM hardware in a so-called ‘Rosetta 2’ compatibility mode. This will emulate Intel processors on ARM hardware. When Premiere Pro runs in ‘Rosetta’ mode, you should be able to continue to run our V3 software.

Existing (Intel) hardware will continue to be able to run our Version 3 software natively.
Rosetta 2 compatibility mode is only needed when you buy a new Mac with ARM64 hardware.

Why move forward to version 4?

With version 4 we’re working on new and better creative tools that help you increase your production value. Our Version 4 software is gradually moving to native CUDA, OpenCL and Apple Metal GPU rendering — Just like Premiere Pro. This generally comes with good performance benefits too.

Film Impact V4 Essentials: 10x Faster!

Transition Pack 1 is now called Film Impact Essentials — it’s completely redesigned from the ground up to take full advantage of the latest GPU technologies: CUDA, OpenCL, and Metal. We are seeing over 10X better-rendering performance!

New Plugins and Features

The Film Impact Big Bang is an ever-growing library of effects. We continue to develop new plugins and new effects. Depending on the level of subscription, new effects are automatically included in your subscription! You’ll get more effects and features over time:)

Continuous Updates

Building Premium Quality Software takes continuous efforts in keeping things compatible with the latest operating system updates and requirements. We are constantly checking if our plugins work well with current and upcoming versions of our Host Adobe Premiere Pro. You’ll get free updates as we evolve.

ARM64 support

Our Version 4 plugins will be updated to have native ARM64 support.

Subscription Based

We know some of you like it, some of you don’t…
Moving to a subscription-based service has been a hard but inevitable choice.
I’ve written an article about why we've moved.

Free Support

Whenever you need support, we are happy to assist you!
Free support by email is included in your subscription.

Film Impact The Big Bang Software Box

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