4-Step Videos Series To Master Logo Reveal In Premiere Pro

Posted on 15-07-2021 Back to blog overview

Creating logo animations wasn’t an easy task back in the days…

You needed to choose between either using Keyframes or taking a round-trip to After Effects to just create a simple Logo Animation and it took hours of painful technical work!

Luckily, now with our advanced Premiere Pro technology, it’s far easier and effortless to do! 

It’s even fun if you decide to go through the process with me and takes just about 15 minutes to complete a whole Logo Reveal

That’s why I’ve recorded 4 different tutorials for 4 types of logos that you can animate. Just imagine how easier this will be for you when you combine Film Impacts technology with these video tutorials!

Before you start, ensure that you have your logo converted from an EPS file converted to a layered PSD file because we’ll need it for the tutorials.

Okay without further ado, let's dive straight into the videos...

How to Animate Your Logo in Premiere Pro | Example 01

In this video, we’ll work with simple logos that have an Icon, a Brand name below it, and a Slogan underneath to create a simple, yet powerful animation that will burn into the viewer's mind.

If you’re curious and directly want to try out this tutorial we’ll be using the following plugins that you can try with 30-day Free Trial to complete this logo reveal:

Let’s get to the second example which will be a little bit more complex:

How to Animate Your Logo in Premiere Pro | Example 02

In this video, I’ll show you a more graphically rich logo that just has a graphic and then the Brand name (in this case it’s an agency).

We’ll play around with the following plugins to transform this static PSD logo file into a flawless Logo Animation that will almost bring tears to your eyes:

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How to Animate Your Logo in Premiere Pro Example 03

Some of you might ask…

“Why am I doing so many video series about Logo Reveals?”

Well, it’s simple! Because using our tools for creating Logo Reveals is so powerful and you can get things done so quickly, like in just a blink of an eye (of course that’s overly exaggerated but you get the idea).

In this 3rd video, I’ll create an elegant fading Logo Animation that has a fascinating bulge on the edges and just looks really cool. Feel free to use it as inspiration!

Here are the plugins we’ll be using for this one:

Let’s start!

Okay, now we have one last tutorial that will complete these series with a blast!

How to Animate Your Logo in Premiere Pro Example 04

This last one may be the most from the series! It actually is a very sleek, cool, and modern-looking Logo Reveal!

So if you want to surprise your clients with complexity that doesn’t overwhelm the viewer but instead makes their jaw drop, then this one may be the tutorial for you!

Want to know what technology are we going to use for this last one? 

Here they are:


Okay, my fellow video editors… That’s it!

Ensure to enjoy yourself fully when going through these tutorials and applying everything that I’ve shown you!

Video editing should feel like play and this is what we’re aiming for with Film Impacts!


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