3 Brand new plugins for Premiere Pro

Posted on 16-06-2021 Back to blog overview

Film Impact Version 4.5 is out now. We've added three new plugins to your editing toolset. These brand-new plugins are automatically included in your subscription — If you have the Visions Collection or the entire Big Bang. Once you've installed version 4.5, the video transitions are available in the Premiere Pro Effects Library under:

3 New creative plugins

Included in your subscription

When you have the Film Impact Big Bang or the Film Impact Visions Collections —
These brand-new tools automatically become part of your subscription.
All you need to do is download and install your updated copy.
We invite you to apply these new video transitions to your cuts and play with them.
A good way to start is by hitting the surprise-me button to quickly explore the capabilities of the effects

Panel Wipe Impacts

Reveal your next scene with one or layered glass panels with superb colorization and lighting options. The number of customization options is high. Start by hitting the ‘surprise me button to quickly explore the options.

Light Sweep Impacts

Add a Light Sweep to your logos and texts to highlight edges and accentuate each element with a beam of colored light. Your clients will love the way you’ve sparked their logos and make them stand out. This brilliant tool uses an embossing effect to shed the perfect light onto each element.

Glitch 2.0 Impacts

The existing Glitch transition has been re-designed completely from the ground up.
With more controls and real-time playback, this is a new must-have video transition.
From a visual perspective, this video transition has evolved dramatically.

New features

Download your updated copy now


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