New features of the v4.3 update

Posted on 03-06-2020 Back to blog overview

Today we've released our brand new Version 4.3 New Features update. This update includes many new and exciting features that we wanted to add to our ever-growing library.

Instead of building completely new video transitions for every new feature, we like to improve our existing solutions — Creating valuable and versatile solutions that can be applied easily.

Getting you the best possible quality and work at high speeds. 

So here's what’s new...

Roll Impacts: Zoom, Skew, and Stretch

We have literally transformed our Roll Impacts from the Essentials Collection into a completely new video transition.

The Zoom functionality literally pulls you into the video, adding energy.
It keeps everyone awake and close to your story.

The new Stretch and Skew features accentuate the movement of the video transition. It's adding a neat and unique energetic look. Both Skew and Stretch work really well together but can be applied individually too. 

Try these new features and apply them to logo and texts — You'll be amazed!

Blur to Color Impacts: Duo-Tone

The Blur To Color video transition has extended colorization options with the Duo-Tone feature. Before the next scene is revealed, you'll see a colorful blend of both clips. Easily set the Color Tone and Ambient and mix between them very easily. This opens a ton of new possibilities.

Push Impacts: Stretch

Push Impacts (formerly known as Impact Push) is one of your 'go-to' video transitions. The Stretch Feature is an awesome and flexible addition to the push. It combines the Stretch-Distortion with the Push effect and high-quality blurring — Creating a highly elegant video transition that is ready to reveal just about anything: Your next scene, Text, Photos, Graphics and other elements. This feature kicks-ass, when combined with the fully integrated Visual Curve Editor, added in Version 4.0. Push Impacts is likely to be your favorite video transitions on steroids!

Zoom Blur Impacts: Vertigo Mode

Add a new dimension to existing Zoom Blur transitions using the brand new Vertigo Mode. Accentuate that moment of realisation of your subject. This classic cinematic effect is visually appealing and adds a dynamic perspective change for a strong emotional impact.

Solarize Impacts: Desaturation

A new desaturation feature has been added to Solarize Impacts. Being able to dial back some of the intense colors that can be achieved with the Solarize Impacts effect, will increase the usability of this dramatic visual effect. Turning to maximum desaturation can easily be the start of a flash-back.


Wipe Impacts: Color Blending

Wipe Impacts has always been a good fit for many different scenarios. One of our clients found the initial coloring options limited to 'lighten' only. So we’ve decided to ingest a Linear Light Blend mode to be more flexible. You can now lighten and darken the colors to get the maximum use out of this video transition.


Performance Upgrades

The following video transitions have been updated with significant speed improvements: 

* We’ve updated our 3D Spin Impacts and Split Impacts to make use of our dedicated new 3D Rendering Technology — which greatly improves the rendering speed of these video transitions.


Smart Learning

In addition to all these great new features and speed improvements, we’ve also added our brand new Smart Learning Technology to all of our products. Easily access the latest news and video tutorials from the Control Center. Related plugins will automatically show relevant tutorials and guides. So keep an eye out for new video tutorials coming your way over the next few months as we will gradually build out this smart learning feature to complement our lineup of plugins.

In Conclusion

Even during these challenging times, we are committed to improving your everyday workflow.

Please feel free to reach out to share ideas. We feel it's important to help each other. 

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy — And Keep editing those awesome videos!

Many cheers on behalf of the entire Film Impact Team.

Jaap H. Boerhof

Senior developer and founder of Film Impact Premium Video Transitions


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