Here is our 4.2 Valentine Update!

Posted on 14-02-2020 Back to blog overview

Happy Valentine!

We have prepared a gift for you.
It's our 4.2 Valentine Update!
Let’s unwrap this gift together, shall we?

Film Impact version 4.2 comes with further improved stability and added new features.

Slice it up!

To start off, we’ve added a brand new feature to our Directional Blur and Radial Blur Impacts, called Slicing. Set the number of slices you want and adjust the timing variations with two simple sliders. It will turn your transition into something that will amaze everyone — giving a cool and modern touch.

Watch this video to see the Slicing-Feature in action.

Traveling Zoom

A brand new mode is added to Zoom Blur Impacts, called Traveling Zoom. This allows you to set a start and end position for the zoom blur center point and travels between these points, increasing the visual dynamics of this popular video transition.

Edge Rays

Ray Impacts is upgraded — it now includes a brand new Edge Rays mode, which takes the outlines of high contrast objects and casts rays around it. Great for accentuating things like windows, light sources, and logos!

Chaos Interference

And as our final gift in this featured update, we’ve added an interference option to our Chaos Impacts video transition. This adds a vertical wavy signal interference to emphasize even more chaos to an already powerful video transition.

The FI v4.2 update is prepared with loving care for our community

Cheers from the entire Film Impact Team!

It's the little things in life that make it big.

Happy Valentine to you all :~)

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