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Transitions for video are essential editing tools to transition to the next scene. Need to reveal texts? Use video transitions for that! Want to reveal a photo? Again, good transitions are here to help. Powered by the latest GPU technologies (CUDA, OpenCL, and Metal), they perform in real time!

Best Cross Dissolve Replacement

Discover the best Cross Dissolve replacement. Get the Dissolve Impacts video transition from the Essentials Collection. The curves used in this video transition outperform the built-in transition with ease. Many Adobe Premiere Pro users have complained about the built-in Cross-Dissolve not being smooth. Reach for the ultimate smoothness. Replace the default video transition in Premiere Pro with Dissolve Impacts and create smoother dissolves.

Curve graph visually indicates how graceful your cross-dissolve will begin and end

Screenshot of the Dissolve Impacts parameter controls. Tweak the curve directly from the Effects Control Panel in Premiere Pro. Just select the transition in your sequence and press Shift+5 to get here quickly.

Set your default video transition

Watch this video tutorial and learn why the Dissolve Impacts should be your default cross dissolve video transition.

3 Flash Transitions for Premiere Pro

Flash transitions are captivating video transitions. They spark bright colors during the change of scene. Meet 3 different flash transitions for Premiere Pro:

  1. Flash Impacts — Combines soft blurs, brightness, and glows to flash from video clip A to clip B.
  2. Burn Chroma Impacts — Creates a beautiful colored overlay before it will reach full white.
  3. Blur Dissolve — Nice soft dissolve transition with options for chromatic aberration and exposure slider to burst the colors to the max.

All video transitions in the Essentials Collection are fully GPU accelerated and are likely to perform in realtime!

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Speed Up Premiere Pro

Every video editor wants Adobe Premiere Pro to perform in the best possible way. You’ll save time with plugins that render lightning fast. The Essential Collection of video transitions are compatible with all major GPU technologies. Our plugins have full support for CUDA, OpenCL, and Apple Metal. Our advice to speed up Premiere Pro:

  1. Make sure your graphic card drivers are up-to-date
  2. Use plugins that have support for the GPU technology that you use (e.g. CUDA, OpenCL, Apple Metal)
  3. Use effects in the Premiere Pro library with the ‘Accelerated’ Badge
  4. Ideally the effects, once applied to your clips, stay yellow.

Accelerated Effects Badges in the Premiere Pro Effects library    Yellow render bar indicates realtime performance in your Premiere Pro sequence

If you want Adobe Premiere Pro to perform well, you’ll need plugins that have support for GPU technologies listed above. You want to have effects (like the Essentials Collection) that talk to Premiere Pro via the Mercury Playback Engine. Get lower your export times and better playback with the best transitions for Premiere Pro.

Mercury Playback Engine

The Mercury Playback Engine by Adobe is the name for all accelerations implemented to gain better performance for playback and export. It’s designed to take on every major graphics card manufacturer (Nvidia, ATI/AMD, Intel). Some GPU technologies are compatible across platforms (E.g. OpenCL), some are available only to a certain brand (E.g. CUDA is only available on Nvidia Cards). Other technologies are only available on a certain Operating System (E.g. Metal is only available on the Apple OSX platform). You will likely only be using just one technology depending on your OS and your graphics card. For high-quality software and plugins to be compatible with every kind of graphics hardware, they need to implement all technologies. That's our job:~)

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