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Edit faster and be creative. Some editing task requires a round-trip to After Effects — But what if there are easier and more convenient ways? Deliver stunning videos faster. Learn more about smart plugins by Film Impact. 

Graphic Animations in Premiere Pro

Get Motion Tween for moving around text, logos, and other images. Easily create simple graphics animations. No need for After Effects. Even no need for keyframes. Spice up your animations with 3D Motion Blur and add cool additional rotations in seconds. Powered by SmartVideo Editing™ Technology by Film Impact. Get the best transitions for Premiere Pro.

This animation is created in Premiere Pro. No After Effects… No keyframes… Just the Motion Tween transition effect applied only 3 times! Check out the Premiere Pro timeline on the left:) It's very clean. You basically set the graphics in 3 different positions and have our smart transition render the Tween between these positions. The plugin options let you add:

  • Additional rotations (X-axis, Y-axis, Z-axis)
  • Aditional movements
  • Extra 3D Motion Blur

The concept of Motion Tween is incredibly easy. Once you see it in action — you know this is a huge time-saver!

How Motion Tween works

Motion Tween in 5 simple steps:

  1. Drag a logo to your timeline.
  2. Set a start position using the Premiere Pro Motion Controls
  3. Make a cut where you want the position to change
  4. Re-position the logo to the end position.
  5. Apply the Motion Tween transition to the cut.

Motion Tween will now magically handle the movement between the start and end position of your logo. Start saving editing time. See it explained in a video tutorial. Learn how to use Motion Tween under 4 minutes.

Seamless transitions Premiere Pro

Looking for seamless video transitions? Work with our Motion Camera plugin powered by SmartVideo™ Technology by Film Impact. It’s a fast and powerful solution for creating high-energy, fast, and seamless video transitions. All right within your favorite editing application Premiere Pro.

There are two ways to create a cool seamless zoom transition:

  1. Using the Zoom Impacts video transition for Premiere Pro.
  2. Using the Motion Camera Impacts video transition for Premiere Pro.

Seamless Transitions with Motion Camera

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