Version History

Software maintenance is important to keep up with recent updates of Adobe Premiere Pro and all Operating systems. Larger updates (4.X to Version 4.Y) usually include new features and new tools. Minor updates (E.g. 4.4.z to 4.4.w) are fixes built on top of the current version chain.
Find any unexpected behavior? Please report it straight away.

Our changelog is added below.

Thank you for relying on Film Impact Creative Tools!

Jaap H. Boerhof
Senior developer and founder of Film Impact Premium Video Transitions for Premiere Pro

Version 5.2


  • Fix for generic "Microsoft AI Driver"


  • Compatibility fix for Intel ARC Graphics


  • Improved stability


  • Fixed: Race condition for getting plugin settings


  • The initial release of the new plugins and features!

Version 5.1


  • Stroke FX: Fixed Antialiasing on edges


  • Internal update for automatic error reporting


  • Fixed compatibility for macOS 10.15


  • Initial release of the new plugin and feature!

Version 5.0


  • Hotfix: Motion Camera param UI crash


  • Stroke FX: Stability fix for CUDA cards
  • Animation Series: Better bound-detection avoids 1px transparent line 


  • Resolved: Node not found issue


  • Alpha FX: internal optimizations
  • GPU detection algorithm update


  • Added logging for Node Not Found issue
  • Motion Tween: auto-expands surface with Film Impact video effects


  • Improved parameter-overlays visualization
  • Installer update to clean any older V4 installation.


  • First public release


Today, we're thrilled to introduce you to the next generation of Film Impact Video Effects.

Essential FX

The tools you wished for are now a reality!

Motion FX

Say goodbye to time-consuming keyframes!

We are confident the new additions will streamline your editing process and enhance your projects.


Version 4.9


  • Optimized GPU Resource Management


  • Soft Wipe: added cross-hair for radial wipes
  • Push: Slide feature horizontal edge blur fix
  • Slice: Fixed single-sided behavior with specific settings
  • Improved license key injection for volume licenses
  • 3D Motion Blur Engine update


  • Shape Flow: Fix for handling fully transparent images


  • Push: Slide Feature Needed Fix


  • Official Public Release
  • Push: Slide Feature
  • Louver: Dynamic dolly Behavior
  • Slice: Distance Feature
  • Shape Flow: Curve Graph Implementation
  • Stability Update


  • Internal release


  • 4.9 Beta Release
  • New Smart Tool: Shape Flow

Version 4.8


  • CUDA optimization
  • And other small framework updates


  • Text Animator: Fixed global timing issue mostly found with M1 chips (Bug #17794)


  • Motion Tween: Fixed hang or crash when selecting a preset (Bug #17393)
  • Linear Wipe Impacts: Added Ease-in and Ease-Out controls (Request #17367)
  • Clock Wipe Impacts: Added Ease-in and Ease-Out controls (Request #17367)


  • First Official 4.8 Release

Version 4.8 adds three new Essential Transitions to your editing toolbox!

Ever looked for a Clock Wipe in Premiere Pro and noticed it wasn’t there? We’ve got you covered…

Clock Wipe Impacts

Now that is a classic video transition that makes the viewer aware that time has passed.
And we’ve added all the options you need.
Positioning controls to set the origin of the effect.
Feathering options can make it gentle and soft.
The repeat options will turn this transition into a star-wipe!

Frame Impacts

Another classic reveal is a way to zoom in on a map. As if the next scene was shot right there. Choose any origin point from where the effect will start. Optionally add a border around that, and you’ve got Frame Impacts. This transition will add a stylized look to your edits. Play with the roundness, colors, and glow amount to give it that personal touch.

Linear Wipe Impacts

Linear Wipe Impacts is an actual video transition with options for feathering and edge softness. Dial any angle without pixelation. Then play with the mirror and repeat options. Apply it to your texts, logos, photos, and, yes… video clips too!

More interesting features:

  • Cropping Section: Visual feedback while modifying the cropping area!
  • Page Peel: New dolly feature
  • Liquid Distortion: Added Master Slider

Enjoy the new 4.8 plugins and features —
While we work on Film Impact Version 5…

Version 4.7


  • Motion Tween: Fix for dark lines around full-frame edges


  • CUDA and OpenCL fix for certain resolutions and hardware.


  • Slice Impacts: Fix for CUDA cards
  • Text Animator: LTR & RTL text support is back
  • Better handling of API fetch requests


  • Stability improvements
  • CUDA speed improvements
  • Duplicate plugin detection


  • Every plugin support native CUDA, OpenCL, and Apple Metal (including M1)
  • Point control parameter controls now give visual feedback
  • Motion Camera: Vertigo feature and presets
  • Slice Impacts: Position Control, Variation controls, and Edge Behavior selection
  • Louvre Impacts: Variation and center controls + Improved Dolly behavior
  • Block Motion, Flip Motion: Added Dolly Feature
  • Chaos Impacts: Master Slider — One control that raises or lowers the chaotic impact
  • Improved rendering and speed on the following plugins:
    • Motion Camera
    • 3D Roll Impacts
    • Louvre Impacts
    • Slice Impacts
    • Page Peel Impacts
    • Stretch Wipe Impacts
    • Kaleido Impacts

Version 4.7 holds a wide range of added features and improvements.

 In the new 4.7 update, we have moved away from OpenGL entirely. From now on, all Film Impact plugins are native CUDA, OpenCL, and Apple Metal plugins
Note: We support M1 ever since version 4.4.7

Why move away from OpenGL? Well, it is expected that Apple will remove OpenGL support sooner or later because it has been deprecated for years now.

As a result of the update, all our plugins get improved speed and rendering, along with some great additional features like visual feedback when dragging (anchor-) point controls.

With this update Film Impact is future-proofing its cutting-edge technology so that you can freely express your unique creativity using our unique creative tools!

After all, everything that we want is the freedom to express our creativity in the most authentic way, isn’t it?

And this is exactly what this new update is doing - or should I say, this is exactly what Film Impacts has been doing for all these years.

Being always up to date with the latest changes is what is allowing us to bring you the best of the best experience and a level of comfort mixed with practicality while working with our software.

Many cheers from the entire Film Impact Team

Version 4.6


  • Earthquake Impacts: Blur applies to incoming and outgoing clips
  • General framework updated for better stability


  • All Film Impact plugins now support Rec. 2100 HLG and Rec. 2100 PQ Color Workspaces!
  • Internal optimizations


  • Glitch 2.0 Impacts: Fixed Master control causing random colors
  • Motion Tween: Fixed preset drop-down

4.6.1 (First Public Release)​

  • Text Animator: Added Presets and internal optimizations
  • Motion Tween: Better zoom curve

Version 4.6 brings 3 new creative plugins and more added features.

Text Animator

Turn your texts in your video from just an informative succession of letters to a dynamic text reveal with this mind-blowing effect. This works with any text on a transparent background (PNG, PSD, or Premiere Text).

Fun tip: Play with the 'Surprise Me' Button to get a sense of the capabilities of this effect.

Fold Motion Impacts

Expand your transition styles with the Fold Motion Impacts, which folds away from the previous graphic while adding a pristine look with our SmartVideo™ 3D Motion Blur Engine.

Mirror Impacts

Reveal your next scene with a two-sided push at any angle. And it adds motion blur in the mix. Did we mention it can rotate too? This video transition works with any footage —
And can be applied to logos and texts too!

Other additions and features:

  • Glitch, Grunge & Earthquake: Added ‘master’ controls
  • Earthquake: Fixed pixalation on edges
  • Motion Tween: Better zoom curve
  • Overall stability improvements
  • Better Apple M1 compatibility

Version 4.5


  • Improved program termination


  • Solves possible crash on close with Premiere Pro 22.0
  • Glitch 2.0 Impacts: Strobe parameter behavior improvement


  • Hotfix: 7 OpenGL plugins could potentially crash on a computer with more than one GPU — 
    Affected video transitions: Stretch-Wipe, Split, Slice, Page Peel, Kaleidoscope, Louver, and Motion Camera


  • Motion Tween no longer ignores the Premiere Pro Anchor Point (#11733)
  • Animation Series: Fixed rendering diagonal line with certain resolutions (#13304)
  • Improved overall OpenCL stability
  • General internal improvements


  • Added Fade parameter to the Animation Series:
    Push Motion, Spring Motion, Pop Motion, Spin Motion, Pull Motion Impacts
  • Lens Blur Impacts: Fixed rendering possible dark frames on export


  • Hotfix: Node_ID not valid error.


  • Liquid Distortion Impact: Turbulence was disabled in the previous version
  • Block Motion Impacts: Fixed single-sided behavior with multiple rolls
  • Flip Motion Impacts: Fixed single-sided behavior with multiple rolls
  • Several small improvements to gain even more render speed


  • First public release of version 4.5
  • Glitch 2.0 Impact: This version could not be kept backwards compatible.
  • Please revert to previous versions, if this is important to you.
  • 3 new tools and many added features as described below:
3 new tools and many added features

Light Sweep Impacts

Add a Light Sweep to your logos and texts to highlight edges and accentuate each element with a beam of colored light. Your clients will love the way you’ve sparked their logos and make them stand out. This brilliant tool uses an internal 3D normal map to shed the perfect light onto each element.

Glitch 2.0 Impacts

The existing Glitch transition has been re-designed completely from the ground up.
With more controls and real-time playback, this is a new must-have video transition.
From a visual perspective, this video transition has evolved dramatically. Normally we take great care in preserving old render behavior. With the Glitch, we’ve taken the liberty to re-design the entire transition and move away from our older OpenGL implementation — which means we cannot guarantee exact old render behavior, but hey… That’s a Glitch! We are sure you will enjoy the new Glitch 2.0

Panel Wipe Impacts

Reveal your next scene with one or layered glass panels with superb colorization and lighting options. The number of customization options is high. Start by hitting the ‘surprise me button to quickly explore the options. You’ll find this transition is awesome for revealing your next clip or to transition into your end titles and final pay-off. Panel Wipe is an elegant and stylish video transition that you’ve got to use in your next video!

New Features:

  • Wipe Impacts: New colorization blend modes
  • Liquid Impacts: Continuous motion controls (Zoom in and out vs. Cross Zoom)
  • Light Leaks: Added vibrance- and rotation-controls
  • Motion Camera: Circular wipe option added
  • Motion Tween: Faster Rendering!
  • Grunge and Light Leaks have gained better rendering performance.
  • Lots of internal optimizations.

Enjoy version 4.5!

Version 4.4


  • Several small fixes improving render quality
  • Plateau Wipe Impacts: Better alpha handling
  • Zoom Blur Impacts: Internal optimization flags for transparent edge mode set correctly
  • Pop Impacts: Avoids potential artifacts at time point zero.


  • Typewriter: Stability update
  • And we’ve now disabled the transition preview window in the ECP —
    This prevents usage of precious GPU resources in low memory conditions


  • Motion Flip Impacts: Fixed ‘Swing’ parameter
  • Motion Tween Impacts: ‘Surprise Me’ will no longer touch cropping parameters
  • Motion Tween Impacts: Dissolve settings now visible in the ECP Curve-Graph
  • Turned off some Legacy OpenGL optimizations in favor of better hardware compatibility.


  • 3D Spin Impacts: Improved single-sided behavior
  • Glitch Impacts: Back to the classic version
  • Animation Series: Small perspective changes
  • More small incremental fixes.


  • Fix for error 90008: Time-out setting up GPU Device.
    This relates to slow CUDA context creation with some Nvidia Drivers.


  • Several small incremental fixes


  • ARM64 (M1 Processors) support for macOS
  • Fixed: 3D Flip Impacts could potentially render artifacts when applied single-sided
  • Built-in Checks for plugin duplicates


  • Fixed: Louver Impacts Clip A visibility
  • Fixed: Wipe Impacts for Macbook Pro 2019 (AMD 5500M series)


  • Optimized: Blur Dissolve Impacts
  • Optimized: Internal synchronization mechanism


  • Added additional checks for correct folder permissions 


  • Fixed: License caching issue


  • Added Floating License Support
  • Phosphor Impacts: Improved curve flow


New Plugins!

  • Typewriter Impacts: Type-on any kind of text element with a transparent background (PNGs, PSDs, and text generated using the Essential Graphics) —
    Add an adjustable blinking cursor too!
  • Phosphor Impacts: Stunning Luma-Based reveal with lots of lighting options and optional grunge controls
  • Liquid Distortion Impacts: Dynamically transform your clips and graphics with this exiting distortion effect.

Speed Improvements:

  • The entire Animation Series has vastly improved performance
  • Plateau Wipe has vastly improved performance

New Features!

  • Stretch Wipe: Comes with support for Multi-Angle
  • Stretch Wipe: Improved Chromatic Aberration
  • Copy Machine Impacts: Added cropping options
  • Motion Camera: Separate Edge behavior for Clip A and B

Version 4.3


  • Fixed: Motion Tween with an adjustment layer on top would render blank.


  • Fixed: Memory allocation fallback could potentially fail.
    Minor optimizations.


  • Roll Impacts: Small transparent edges when using Skew Functionality
  • Minor changes


  • Hotfix: Roll Impacts alpha calculations


New Features!

  • Blur to Color Impacts: Duo-tone
  • Push Impacts: Stretch
  • Roll Impacts: Zoom, Skew, and Stretch
  • Solarize Impacts: Desaturation
  • Wipe Impacts: New Color Blending
  • Zoom Blur Impacts: Vertigo Style Zooms

Performance Upgrades:

  • 3D Spin Impacts
  • Grunge Impacts
  • Split Impacts
  • Light Leaks

More features:

  • Access Video Tutorials directly from the Effects Controls Tab
  • Integrated News and Updates Component
  • General CUDA Optimizations

Version 4.2


  • Fix for Macbook Pro 16-ich (AMD 5500M and similar cards)
    Small optimizations


  • Fix for several OpenCL Cards (including Radeon RX 5700 XT)
  • Lots of OpenCL optimizations.


  • Hotfix: Motion Tween produced black frames in Software Rendering


  • Fixed: OpenGL Error after switching render engines in Premiere
  • Fixed: 90003 error code (bug #4452-B99B)
  • Apple Metal optimization
  • Improved overall stability


  • Fixed: Rendering with interlaced projects.
  • GPU Device Memory Allocation optimizations
  • Improved fallback when running low on GPU device memory
  • Radial Blur: Maximum slices increased to 32


  • Fixed: 71002 Error Code (bug #4376-B71D)
  • Potential memory leak for OpenCL and Metal GPU Render calls.


  • Fixed: Point Controls return wrong values during CPU Software rendering with program monitor set to half or quarter resolution playback.


  • Stability Improvements fixing delays during rendering.

New Features:

  • Traveling Zoom mode in Zoom Blur Impacts
  • Slicing options in Directional Blur Impacts
  • Slicing options in Radial Blur Impacts
  • Interference slider in Chaos Impacts
  • Edge-Rays option in Ray Impacts

Version 4.1


  • Solved potential dead-lock — This update is recommended


  • Minor fixes and optimizations.


  • Reducing GPU Memory footprint to the absolute minimum.
  • Mac Only: We’ve regained Mac OSX 10.12 support.
    For maximum performance, we still recommend 10.13 or higher.


  • Even better GPU Resource Management
  • Some small UI tweaks


  • Hot-Fix for systems without Nvidia Drivers


  • New features and Improved Render Speeds!
  • Improved Overall Render Speeds for all V4 Compute-Style Video Transitions.
  • Improved Resource Management
  • Overall Stability Improvements
  • New Feature: Chromatic Aberration for Push, Roll, and Stretch Impacts
  • New Feature: Desaturate option in Flash Impacts
  • Flicker Impacts render speed vastly improved supporting CUDA, OpenCL, and METAL

Version 4.0


  • Fix: OpenCL Rendering + Small Memory optimization


  • Fix: VHS Distortion Impacts Rendering on CPU render path


  • Minor tweaks and fixes


  • First Official Public Release



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and get stunning results quickly and easily.

With our 90 days satisfaction guarantee — We are tripling the industry's standard. If you're not completely satisfied, we'll either fix it, replace it, or get you your money back.

Jaap Boerhof, Senior Developer and Founder of Film Impact’s Premium Video Editing Transitions for Premiere Pro

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