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Best light effects for Premiere Pro

Video transitions that add light effects to your edits grab the attention of your viewer. Express your personal video editing style. Elegantly drive your story forward. Try adding some light-leaks to your video clips. Or add a modern touch by transitioning to the next scenes with colored stripes. Customize each effect to your liking. Many of our light and blur transitions have an angle dial to transition into every direction. Find all parameter controls in the Premiere Pro Effects Controls Panel. Simply select the transition and hit Shift+5 to start playing with all customization options.

Get the best video transitions that play elegantly with lights and blurs. It’s a breeze working with Film Impact effects in Premiere Pro.

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Smooth light transitions for Premiere

The Blur Dissolve transition from our Essentials Collection is widely used for transitioning between scenes. It’s a smooth way to change from one video clip to another. Need more dynamics? Use our Wipe transition to create a wipe with added blur. This works great for revealing texts too! Need another stylish look? Try our Lens Blur Dissolve. Set the aperture into any shape and angle. Easily create that dreamy look with optional chromatic aberration.

Get the best video transitions that play smoothly with lights and blurs. All our effects and transitions are compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro. Need a specific default plugin setting? Create presets from your favorite plugin settings is easy.  

Create Preset in Premiere Pro

Instantly apply Beautiful Blurs, Shimmering Bokeh’s, Enchanting Glows, and Lights to your video. Drive your story forward. Creating the right mood and emphasizing emotions are vital to telling a good story. Choosing colors, tones, exposure, and contrast sets your stage. Because your subject on its own will tell one thing —  It’s the light that is shed on your subject that will add to that story.

Light Leaks for Premiere Pro

Vintage light-leak effects take us back to the time of older photography cameras. It often brings warm and pleasant colors to your video clips. Slowly moving light delicately blend with your footage.

What’s the origin of light leaks?

When foam around the film door in older cameras degrades, extra light could leak into the normally light-tight chamber. This caused the film to be exposed with additional light.

Light leaks in modern world post-production

Today, adding light leaks is a cool post-effect that adds a vintage look. Adobe Premiere Pro users are able to apply light leaks directly to your video edits. With just a single plugin you can easily generate thousands of unique light leaks on the fly. This plugin is a very effective creative tool.

  • It’s resolution-independent.
  • You can apply it to any type of video.
  • It is powered by GPU
  • It renders very fast.

Use light leaks as a video effect

Learn a cool editing hack… Watch our Light Leaks video tutorial and learn how to use this particular video transition as an effect. Create a unique light leak just by hitting the ‘surprise me’ button in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Solarize effect

The solarize effect adds a stylish look to your scenes. Some bright colors will appear dark and vice versa. This shift of colors is iconic for the Solarize effect. The solarize transition for Premiere Pro adds cool colorization options. It’s a layered effect with adjustable color tints and glows. Funny fact: This video transition is inspired by a TV-Serie called ‘Prison Break’ (2005-2017). This effect was used in their flashbacks for 6-14 frames to intensify the drama. It creates a very dramatic effect when used on close-ups of people.

Free light effects for Premiere Pro

Discover all our light transition effects for Adobe Premiere Pro. Try them free for 30-days!

  • Easily apply video transition to your editing projects
  • Export your video without watermarks
  • Even use them commercially

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