V4 Plugin Naming Conventions

With the release of our new version V4 Peregrine, we've moved away from plugin packs to categorized video transitions, as well as starting the plugin names inside your video editing suite with the FI: prefix. This helps you to spot our video transitions in your timeline easily.

If you've already used our old plugins in existing projects and can't find a particular video transition in our list of video transitions, here is a helpful list of new names for the older plugins:

Transition Pack 1 (now called Essentials Collection):

Impact Blur Dissolve - Blur Dissolve Impacts
Impact Blur To Color - Blur To Color Impacts
Impact Burn White - Burn Chroma Impacts
Impact Burn Alpha - Burn Alpha Impacts
Impact Chaos - Chaos Impacts
Impact Copy Machine - Copy Machine Impacts
Impact Dissolve - Dissolve Impacts
Impact Flash - Flash Impacts
Impact Push - Push Impacts
Impact Roll - Roll Impacts
Impact Stretch - Stretch Impacts

Transition Pack 2 plugins:

Impact Chroma Leaks - Chroma Leak Impacts (Lights & Blurs)
Impact Directional Blur - Directional Blur Impacts (Lights & Blurs)
Impact Earthquake - Earthquake Impacts (Distortions)
Impact Glass - Glass Impacts (Distortions)
Impact Radial Blur - Radial Blur Impacts (Lights & Blurs)
Impact TV Power - TV Power Impacts (Distortions)
Impact VHS Damage - VHS Damage Impacts (Distortions)
Impact Wipe - Wipe Impacts (Lights & Blurs)
Impact Zoom Blur - Zoom Blur Impacts (Lights & Blurs)

Transition Pack 3 plugins:

Impact 3D Blinds - Louver Impacts (Transformers)
Impact 3D Roll - 3D Roll Impacts (Transformers)
Impact 3D Spin - 3D Spin Impacts (Transformers)
Impact Flare - Flare Impacts (Lights & Blurs)
Impact Glitch - Glitch Impacts (Distortions)
Impact Glow - Glow Impacts (Lights & Blurs)
Impact Light Leaks - Light Leak Impacts (Lights & Blurs)
Impact Solarize - Solarize Impacts (Lights & Blurs)
Impact Stripes - Stripe Impacts (Lights & Blurs)
Impact Wave - Wave Impacts (Transformers)

Transition Pack 4 plugins:

Impact Flicker - Flicker Impacts (Distortions)
Impact Grunge - Grunge Impacts (Distortions)
Impact Kaleido - Kaleidoscope Impacts (Distortions)
Impact Lens Blur - Lens Blur Impacts (Lights & Blurs)
Impact Page Peel - Page Peel Impacts (Transformers)
Impact Plateau Wipe - Plateau Wipe Impacts (Transformers)
Impact Slice - Slice Impacts (Transformers)
Impact Split - Split Impacts (Transformers)
Impact Stretch Wipe - Stretch Wipe Impacts (Transformers)
Impact Warp - Film Impact Motion Camera (Smart Tools)

Bounce Pack plugins (now called Animation Series):

Impact 3D Block - Block Motion Impacts
Impact 3D Flip - Flip Motion Impacts
​​Impact C-Push - Push Motion Impacts
Impact Pop - Pop Motion Impacts
Impact Pull - Pull Motion Impacts
Impact Spin - Spin Motion Impacts
Impact Spring - Spring Motion Impacts

Motion Tween (Smart Tools):

Film Impact Motion Tween is now available under Smart Tools

We hope this little guide will help you ease into the new naming conventions.

- Enjoy!


*** UPDATE ***

Version 4 offers new plugins:

Many improvements have been made across the board in terms of Speed and added customization options. 

We are confident you'll love the Version 4 upgrade!


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